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Jean Harlow and Robert Taylor

Jean Harlow and Robert Taylor

Feb. 12, 1937: Stars Jean Harlow and Robert Taylor return home after a trip to Washington to both promote their upcoming movie “Personal Property” and attend the birthday ball for President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

In a Jan. 27, 1937, article, the Los Angeles Times reported:

Jealously guarding ten gallons of California water and an atomizer, Jean Harlow and Robert Taylor left Pasadena yesterday on the Santa Fe’s Chief, bound for Washington D.C., and President Roosevelt’s birthday ball Saturday.

The water is for the purpose of shampooing Miss Harlow’s honey-blond hair, which she will not trust to hard eastern waters. The atomizer is for the use of Taylor, just recovering from a cold.

Accompanying them were Mrs. Jean Bello, mother of Miss Harlow, and Peggy McDonald, the latter’s hairdresser. …

The group had planned to return to Los Angeles right after the weekend, but a brief Associated Press article in The Times on Feb. 2 of that year reported that the party stopped in Chicago as Jean Bello was “ill of influenza.”

Five months later, Harlow, during the filming of “Saratoga,” died following a short illness.  The  Times obituary reported that Harlow had been ill during the February stop in Chicago.

This photo was not published in February 1937, but was later used in the 1999 Los Angeles Times book “High Exposure: Hollywood Lives — Found Photos from the Archives of the Los Angeles Times.”

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  1. July 31, 2016, 2:51 pm

    This is a great photograph. I wonder if I can get this film ?! It’s so heartbreaking that Ms Harpo died so young.

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