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Hair rebellion

Hair rebellion

April 11, 1971: Joe Villareal, 4, right, has decided the hairy look is not for him. He’d rather look like his neighbor, Don Hudgens, 3.

Los Angeles Times staff writer Beth Ann Krier reports on this classic generation gap rebellion:

Joe Villareal, it seems, has had it with hair in his face, with people calling him a little girl and with getting shampoo in his eyes. And besides, what self-respecting future baseball star wants to look like his parents.

Joe’s mother, Sandy, you see, has hair that slides nearly down to the middle of her back. His father, Rudy, who wears his hair tied back in a ponytail, figures Joe’s rebellion is a natural if not familiar one–simply the generation gap repeating itself.

“Just like we were,” Rudy says, “he’s probably influenced more by his peers than by his parents.”

Joe’s foremost peer is not John Lennon or the clean-shaven Manson girls but his next-door neighbor Don Hudgens. Three-year-old Don has a butch haircut…

“The only trouble with Don’s haircut is that one out of every four people rubs the top of his head. It must be like rubbing the belly of a Buddha,” says Don’s mother, Janet.

“His grandmother cuts his hair that way more or less for my own convenience. I don’t have to follow him around with a comb.”

This photo by former Los Angeles Times staff photographer Kathleen Ballard was lead art on the View section front.  The image won first place in features in the 1971 California-Nevada Associated Press photo contest.

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  1. July 25, 2011, 8:37 am

    he will get skin cancer on his head to go with those freckles without a hair hat to protect it.


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