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Riot police hold shields in front of Welsh police vans in Eltham, London on Wednesday. A large group of local men gathered in the area to deter looters and a large number of police officers was also present to prevent any vigilante actions.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Matt Dunham / Associated Press

Police officers detain a man in Eltham, south London, on Wednesday.


Police officers raid a property in Pimlico, London, on Thursday. Prime Minister David Cameron, facing a defining crisis of his premiership, promised Thursday to crack down on street gangs as a national priority and said rioters behind Britain's worst violence in decades would be hunted and punished.


During a raid on a property in Pimlico, London, on Thursday, police officers carry goods believed to have been stolen.


Azim Mohamed, left, the owner of a cutlery company, and assistant Riaz Mohamed look at the charred remains of their business after it was set ablaze following disturbances in north London early Wednesday.


Police forensic officers work at the scene where three people -- reportedly trying to protect shops from rioting and looting -- were killed after being struck by a vehicle.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Jeff J. Mitchell / Getty Images

A man looks at notes posted on a 'Peace Wall' erected on a boarded-up window of a discount store. Hundreds of messages calling for peace and tolerance have appeared on the wall in the wake of rioting and looting in the city.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

Police dogs and their handlers walk past a burning car during another night of civil disturbances in the city.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Tim Hales / Associated Press

A rioter walks amid burning barricades.


Police stand guard at the Mailbox shopping and hotel complex in Birmingham City Centre.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

After three nights of rioting and looting in and around London, the chaos is starting to spread to other cities around Britain.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

A policeman and his dog walk toward a burning car. Thousands of policemen prepared to deploy on London's streets to head off rioters and looters who have rampaged through parts of the British capital virtually unchecked for the last three nights.


Looters take electrical goods after breaking into a store during the second night of civil disturbances. 16,000 police officers flooded London's streets Tuesday, nearly tripling their presence.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Tim Hales / Associated Press

Shops are left damaged as nearby gangs loot during a second night of unrest.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Lindsey Parnaby / European Pressphoto Agency

A firefighter tackles a blaze at an electrical goods warehouse in Enfield, North London.


Police patrol Hackney Centre to prevent disturbances. Widespread looting, arson and clashes with police continued for a third day in parts of London, as well as in Liverpool, Birmingham and Bristol.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Matthew Lloyd / Getty Images

Metropolitan police officers detain suspected rioters in Enfield, North London, during the fourth day of violence.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: KERIM OKTEN / European Pressphoto Agency

Police officers patrol the streets of Camden Town in North London. An extra ten thousand police have been brought in from other counties to help to quell the rioting that has engulfed parts of London.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: DANIEL DEME / European Pressphoto Agency

London Mayor Boris Johnson, front center, walks away after addressing local residents waiting to help clean up after the rioting.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Matt Dunham / Associated Press

London Mayor Boris Johnson (L) talks with Leon Fearon (R), 19, from Lewisham, during a tour of riot-hit Clapham, South London. Johnson faced a barrage of criticism from residents as he toured the devastation.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: NICK ANSELL / European Pressphoto Agency

Prime Minister David Cameron talks to a fire officer during a visit to Croydon to view the destruction from the previous night's violence.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Stefan Rousseau / Getty Images

Burnt cars are removed from a residential street in Hackney. Emergency services have been cleaning up after a third night of rioting in London and other areas of England.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Matt Cardy / Getty Images

The remains of a furniture store in Croydon. Police have clashed with rioters in Croydon, and vehicles have been set on fire in Peckham and Lewisham.


Packets of Jasper Conran-designed lingerie are seen on the floor of a Debenhams store raided by looters at Clapham Junction.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Simon Dawson / Bloomberg

Britons cleaned up after the rioting but feared further violence Tuesday, demanding police do more to protect them.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Matt Dunham / Associated Press

Flames engulf buildings near Reeves Corner in Croydon in South London as a wave of violence and looting continued to rage in Britain.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Lewis Whyld / Associated Pres

British riot police advance past a burning building in Croydon.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Carl de Souza / Getty Images

Firefighters douse the remains of charred homes and shops in Croydon in South London.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Andrew Cowie / AFP / Getty Images

Police officers stand near a burned-out shop in Clapham Junction in South London after rioting swept through the city for the third consecutive night.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Stefan Wermuth / Reuters

A man is framed by smashed glass inside a West London salon that was looted by rioters.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Andy Rain / European Pressphoto Agency

Police in riot gear face a mass of youths as a car burns on a road in North London.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Luke MacGregor / Reuters

Riot police deploy in Hackney, North London, during the third day of violence. Rioting broke out over the weekend after the police shooting of a man in the Tottenham area of the city.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: KERIM OKTEN / European Pressphoto Agency

Rioters drag garbage bins towards a burning car in Hackney. More than 200 people have been arrested and 35 police officers injured since rioting began.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: KERIM OKTEN / European Pressphoto Agency

Cars burn in Ealing, London. Looting by groups of hooded youths spread to Ealing in west London and Camden in the north of the British capital late on Monday.


Police drag a man along a street in Hackney. Some suggested the unrest was spured by unemployment and government cutbacks, while others said it was an opportunistic crime spree.


A shop is looted in Hackney. Youths set fire to shops and vehicles in a host of areas of London and clashed with police in the city of Birmingham.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Lefteris Pitarakis / Associated Press

A damaged police vehicle is pictured in Enfield, North London. About 35 officers have been injured since the rioting began in the Tottenham area after a protest of the death of a man in a police shooting.


The damaged window of a retail store is pictured in Enfield, North London.


Youths loot a store in Hackney.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

Looters run from a clothing store in Peckham, Riots spread to new areas of London on Monday and looting erupted in the city of Birmingham as Britain's worst unrest in decades escalated in another night of violence.


A man carries a toy along a Hackney street on which cars burn.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Lefteris Pitarakis / Associated Press

Police stand guard near a burning car in Hackney as rioting in the British capital escalates.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

British police officers arrest a man in South London. Disturbances broke out in North London after police killed Mark Duggan, 29, during an attempted arrest. But looting and arson have spread far beyond that area.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Sang Tan / Associated Press

A photographer holds his head after he was attacked by protesters in Hackney.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Karel Prinsloo / Associated Press

A police officer in riot gear stands near a burning car in Hackney. London, which is set to host the Olympics next summer, is struggling to contain the riots that have spread from impoverished northern areas.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

Firefighters tackle an arson fire in Croydon, London.


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Riots in England

Violence flared in London and other parts of Britain for the fourth night Tuesday.

Manchester, Birmingham, Leicester, West Bromwich and Wolverhampton reported some violence and relatively minor skirmishes between police and groups roaming the streets.

London, where the police presence was nearly tripled from the night before, reportedly remained free of widespread violence late Tuesday night. On previous nights, shops were looted and cars and businesses torched as part of the rioting that began Saturday.

British officials sharply increased the police presence in London and elsewhere to try to control the country’s worst uprising in years. About 16,000 officers were being deployed to try to accomplish what some observers described as “reclaiming the streets.”


  1. August 10, 2011, 4:18 am

    its shame on british people burning their own city and becoming booter thief

    By: spike
  2. August 10, 2011, 10:10 am

    I don't blame them for rioting hell I'm surprised it has'nt started here in the good old USofA, No more bailouts no more rigged elections, no more invading other countries no more lying to the people and release the honest news. Hail thermal expansion (WHAT)

  3. August 12, 2011, 6:44 pm

    the riots were in england-not scotland, not wales and not northern ireland. the riots were therefore not in great britain and not in the u.k.-they were only in england. the other parts of great britain and the u. k. were riot free.

    The majority, if not the overwhelming majority of rioters were young blacks-individuals and gangs. There was no reason for them rioting, other than the fact that they are thugs, yobos, looters, arsonists, criminals and in some cases, murderers. They are the offspring of people who should never have had children. The answer is long prison sentences and then to deport them and their families to their countries of origin-the Carribean and North Africa-even if they were born in England. No excuses, no sympathy. If you bahave like thugs, you do not deserve to live in a civilised country like England. (I live in Scotland.)

    By: mrs elaine cassells

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