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House of Davids is on the market

The House of Davids has been an L.A. landmark of sorts ever since singer Norwood Young put a line of statues in his yard in 1997. Now he’s selling. He’s done with the Davids.

The well-known white house in Hancock Park is listed at $2.1 million.

It has a pool, sauna and steam room, a home theater with a bar, six bedrooms and six baths and 19 Michelangelo’s Davids lined up along the curve of its front lawn.

Norwood Young couldn’t care less if the new owner keeps or tosses the statues. As long as the people who buy the house pay him, they can strip it to a basic ranch.

The House of Davids became a pop culture landmark almost the instant Young startled his sedate street by putting the white statues up on pedestals.

Fourteen years later, cars still slow as they pass. Double-decker tour buses lumber by so tourists can snap photos.

Young used to love turning heads — lighting up the lawn, throwing over-the-top theme parties, dressing his naked giant slayers in long red Santa hats for Christmas and “Thriller” jackets in tribute to the late King of Pop.

But now he is done with the Davids, he says.

“I wouldn’t give a rat’s behind what they did,” says this man, who has been singing professionally all his life and has grown tired of being known not for his voice but for his house.

Read the full story by Nita Lelyveld,  “He’s Had Enough of This Home.”


  1. August 16, 2011, 12:35 pm

    Having driven past this house many times, I was eager to read this article and learn a little more history of the house. Not much to the article or the photos…except learning this guy is pretty much into himself and the self infatuating artwork placed all over the house!

  2. August 16, 2011, 4:54 pm

    I dont critize, but the photos are WACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By: R@AR.XOM
  3. August 18, 2011, 12:38 pm

    He's in his own world but in a good way anytime you have a million dollar home in a traditional Jewish community I think it's funny to the rest of us Who does that!! lol….U Go Boy

    By: magarcia
  4. August 18, 2011, 3:25 pm

    Now Norwood … U knew what U were going 2 b facing. A lot of us in this industry had asked U if U were ready for what was to come . Now you've made a name for the over – the – top house, and are worried that no 1 knows U for Ur music ? Seems that U should go over – the – top w/ UR music in the studio and put sum thing out sooooo we can get 2 know UR music !!! Now what do U really, truly, want to do ? ….. Then DO it !!!! Tootles >>> Poodles ;^).

  5. August 18, 2011, 9:12 pm

    I roll my eyes.

  6. August 20, 2011, 11:57 pm

    Yes, it's because he is black that the neighbors don't want him around. Not because of his tacky house that is an eyes sore. Oh man that guy is OUT there. Every time I drive past that house I almost wreck my car. Glad I don't live next door to it.

    By: Yikes
  7. August 22, 2011, 4:33 am

    So sick of people judging Norwood. Get a life! He's doing him, now u do u!! He's a very talented man, beautiful voice!

    By: sss
  8. August 24, 2011, 4:35 pm

    I continue to watch this video,It is an amzin story. Of courage and strenght. I am sharing it with everybody I can. And your voice is anointed for such a time as this!

    By: Margie Parker
  9. October 17, 2011, 12:59 pm


    By: NA@NA.COM

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