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Libyan rebel fighters claimed to be in control of most of Tripoli on Monday after their lightning advance on the capital heralded the fall of Moammar Kadafi's nearly 42-year regime. Scattered battles were erupting and Kadafi's whereabouts remained unknown.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Sergey Ponomarev / Associated Press

Demonstrators wave flags of the old kingdom of Libya, used by Libya's National Transitional Council, during a protest against Kadafi outside the Libyan embassy in Ankara.


Kashmiri Muslim women pray at the Hazratbal Shrine in Srinagar during an observance of Martyr Day, which honors Ali, the prophet Muhammad's son-in-law. Ali was killed on the 21st day of the holy month of Ramadan some 1,400 years ago.


Josh Redman from South Africa wipes out as fellow countryman Frank Solomon surfs a wave at an offshore reef. Surfers paddling into winter's biggest swells are eligible for the Rebel Sessions Awards, which recognize the best surfing over a season of Cape Town's big waves.


In a satellite image provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Irene can be seen reaching hurricane strength as it moves across Puerto Rico towards Hispaniola in the Caribbean. Irene, the first hurricane of the Atlantic storm season, brought torrential rains and winds to Puerto Rico, downing trees and power lines and flooding streets. The expected path will bring Irene through the Bahamas and will likely hit parts of the U.S. East Coast.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Handout / Getty Images

Men walk past tankers, used to carry fuel for NATO forces in Afghanistan, that were attacked by unidentified gunmen on the outskirts of Quetta.


Indian youth in Mumbai make a human pyramid to reach and break the Dahi Handi, an earthen pot filled with yogurt, as they celebrate Janamashtami, the birthday of the Hindu God Krishna.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Rafiq Maqbool / Associated Press

A child dressed as the Hindu god Krishna takes part in Janamashtami celebrations to mark the birthday of the Hindu god.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Pavel Rahman / Associated Press

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial is seen in Washington, D.C, ahead of its dedication next weekend.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Charles Dharapak / Associated Press

Pakistani security officials stand guard during a procession to observe the death anniversary of Ali, the son-in-law of the prophet Muhammad, in Karachi.


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We begin Monday’s Pictures in the News in Libya, where rebels claimed to be in control of 80% of the capital. Libyan insurgents reported heavy casualties in fierce fighting outside Moammar Kadafi’s compound and other pockets of the city. See photo gallery

Surf’s up in South Africa, where winter swells have made for ideal conditions at an offshore reef in Cape Town. Conditions were not as ideal in the Caribbean, where Irene, the first hurricane of the Atlantic storm season, brought torrential rains and winds to Puerto Rico.

In India, Hindus celebrate Janamashtami, the birthday of the god Krishna. Indian youths make a human pyramid to reach and break an earthen pot filled with yogurt.

Elsewhere, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington gets viewed ahead of its dedication next weekend; Kashmiri Muslim women attend special prayers in observance of Martyr Day in Srinagar; and NATO fuel tankers headed to Afghanistan come under attack in Quetta, Pakistan.

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