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Rebel fighters react as they move through Tripoli. Rebels say that they control most of the capital city but that they face pockets of fierce resistance from regime loyalists firing mortars and anti-aircraft guns.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Sergey Ponomarev / Associated Press

Rebel fighters speak to a suspected pro-Kadafi soldier after he was captured in Tripoli.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Sergey Ponomarev / Associated Press

U.S. soldiers gather near a destroyed vehicle and protect their faces from rotor wash, as their wounded comrades are airlifted from the 159th Brigade Task Force Thunder to Kandahar Hospital. Three soldiers were wounded when their vehicle was destroyed up by a bomb.


High-wire artist Freddy Nock balances as he walks up on the rope of a Feuerkogel cable car in Ebensee, Austria. He is attempting to set a new world record by doing seven summits in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in seven days.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Kerstin Joensson / Associated Press

Rohingya fishermen pull a boat near a refugee camp in Teknaf, Bangladesh. In 1982, Myanmar passed a law that made it impossible for Rohingyas to get full citizenship. Many fled to Bangladesh in 1991 and 1992 following a government crackdown. Today, an estimated 800,000 live in Myanmar and up to 300,000 in Bangladesh. On Aug. 25, 2011, the U.N. will launch an international campaign to highlight the plight of the estimated 12 million to 15 million people worldwide who are not recognized as nationals by any country and become stateless.


A Thai woman searches for pure gold necklaces on a floor full of wool and yarn, called a "Thread Waste Landscape," by its creator Thai artist, Surasi Kusolwong. "Thread Waste Landscape" is part of an interactive art installation in which visitors can keep the artists-crafted gold, should they find it.


As spectators watch, a man surfs on the fast-moving Isar River in Munich.


A 1-month-old baby lion-tailed macaque clings to its mother at Berlin's Zoologischer Garten Zoo. The lion-tailed macaque is among the world's rarest and most threatened primates.


Lightning strikes behind a house in the northern German city of Gesecke.


Protestors demonstrate in front of the New York Supreme Court building, where Dominique Strauss- Kahn, former International Monetary Fund chief, is expected to arrive for a status hearing in New York. Prosecutors asked a judge to dismiss all criminal charges against Strauss-Kahn, who was accused of sexually assaulting a hotel maid.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Scott Eells / Bloomberg

Doctors check on the health of India's anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare on the eighth day of his hunger strike in New Delhi. The government called Tuesday for India's political parties to reach consensus on drafting anti-corruption legislation, as the activist leading anti-graft protests entered the second week of his hunger strike.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Saurabh Das / Associated Press

A line of Japan Ground Self-Defense Force tanks flare up a smoke screen during the annual live-firing exercise and demonstration at Higashi Fuji training range in Gotemba.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Koji Sasahara / Associated Press

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Tuesday’s Pictures in the News begin  in Tripoli, where a battle for the Libyan capital intensifies as rebels prepare an offensive on Moammar Kadafi’s vast fortress. Both joy and paranoia permeate the city. See photo gallery

It’s a surreal scene in Afghanistan as U.S. soldiers protect their faces from rotor wash as wounded comrades are airlifted  to a hospital in Kandahar after their vehicle was destroyed up by a bomb.

Elsewhere, high-wire artist Freddy Nock balances as he walks up on the rope of a Feuerkogel cable car in Austria as he continues his quest to set a new world record by doing seven summits in seven days; protestors demonstrate in front of New York State Supreme Court building, where charges were dropped against former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss- Kahn; and doctors check on the health of India’s anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare on the eighth day of his hunger strike in New Delhi.

Add stops in Germany, Bangladesh, Thailand and Japan to round out the report.

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