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A masked protester wearing a T-shirt bearing the words "A government of fear" warns of dire consequences if planned austerity measures are allowed to take effect. Transportation workers throughout Italy were on strike in protest of the proposed severe government cuts.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Remo Casilli / Reuters

Indonesian football fans rally at the FIFA Asian World Cup soccer qualifier between Indonesia and Bahrain. The fans weren't in as celebratory a mood after the match, won by Bahrain, 2-0.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Bay Ismoyo / AFP / Getty Images

Tourists feed an Aldabra giant tortoise at the Singapore Zoo. The Aldabra, from the Aldabra Atoll in the Seychelle Islands, are the second largest species of tortoise on Earth and can weigh more than five times as much as an average human being, according to the zoo.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: David Loh / Reuters

A man looks at a wind generator decorated with colored lights, a creation of French artist Patrick Raynaud that draws its energy from the production of the wind turbine -- the more wind, the more brightly the colored lights shine.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Julian Stratenschulte / AFP / Getty Images

Filipinos gather around a 21-foot saltwater crocodile captured live near their town. The crocodile, caught after a three-week hunt, is the biggest of its kind taken alive in the Philippines in recent years, wildlife officials said.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: STR / European Pressphoto Agency

Devotees carry an idol of the elephant-headed Hindu god Ganesha into the Arabian Sea for immersion as part of the Ganesha Chaturathi festival, in which Ganesha idols are worshiped at hundreds of pandals, or makeshift tents, and immersed in bodies of water.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Divyakant Solanki / European Pressphoto Agency

A firefighter puts on a mask as the search for missing people continued among the debris of houses destroyed by a landslide caused by heavy rain from Typhoon Talas. The tropical storm, which hit western Japan over the weekend, left at least 42 people dead and dozens were missing.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Buddhika Weerasinghe / Getty Images

A house rests precariously after being pushed from its foundation by floodwaters that rushed in after Typhoon Talas overwhelmed a breakwater protecting Nachikatsuura.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Koichi Kamoshida / European Pressphoto Agency

A clay idol of the Hindu goddess Durga lies on the ground to dry at a workship. The idols will be used during the Durga Puja festival Oct. 2-6, the biggest religious event for Bengali Hindus. Hindus believe Durga symbolizes power and the triumph of good over evil.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Rupak de Chowdhuri / Reuters

Australian fans await the arrival of their team, the Wallabies, during welcoming ceremonies for the 2011 Rugby World Cup, set for Friday through Oct. 23.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Antony Dickson / AFP / Getty Images

A woman is escorted away by customs officers after she was arrested at the Bali International Aiport and charged with smuggling methamphetamine in her underwear and bra.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Sonny Tumbelaka / AFP / Getty Images

Libyan rebel fighters chant and fire their weapons in the air as elder representatives of the Warfalla tribe meet with them at the Malti mosque for negotiations aimed at staving off a battle for one of the last bastions of support for Moammar Kadafi.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Francisco Leong / AFP / Getty Images

A 2-year-old Labrador named Mara takes a shower in Germany's first self-serve dog wash station. The boutique provides warm water, shampoo and a hair dryer for owners to wash their dogs.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Jens Meyer / Associated Press

A young boy jumps from a tower into Ammersee Lake as warm and sunny summer weather continued in southern Germany.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Matthias Schrader / Associated Press

A child peers out from an enclosed rickshaw traveling a muddy street after returning from school.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Gurinder Osan / Associated Press

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Pictures in the News | September 6, 2011

Tuesday’s Pictures in the News begins in Italy, where a strike against proposed austerity measures has shutdown railways, buses, trams and subways.

In Asia, Filipinos gathering around a 21-foot captured saltwater crocodile in Bunawan. The crocodile was caught after a three-week hunt, as Philippine wildlife officials say it is the biggest of its kind caught alive in recent years.  Over in Singapore, tourists feed a giant tortoise at the Singapore Zoo. The Aldabra giant tortoise, from the islands of the Aldabra Atoll in the Seychelles, are the second largest species of tortoises on Earth. In Japan, members of Ground Self-Defense Force, firefighters and police officers continue the search for missing people among the debris of houses destroyed by a landslide caused by heavy rain delivered by Typhoon Talas.

Elsewhere, an art installation on a wind generator lights up the night sky in Germany; Libyan rebels meet with tribal elders in Wishtata village in an effort to peacefully take control of one of the last bastions of support for former Libyan strongman Moammer Kadafi; and dog owners in Leipzig test drive a self serve dog wash with warm water, shampoo and a hair dryer for their pooches.

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