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An Afghan police officer passes by a shattered wall as he visits a building that was occupied by Taliban militants in Kabul. The 20-hour insurgent attack in the heart of the city ended Wednesday morning after a final volley of helicopter gunfire as Afghan police ferreted out and killed the last few assailants who had taken over a half-built downtown building to fire on the nearby U.S. Embassy and NATO compounds.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Kamran Jebreili / Associated Press

A partial plastinated human body specimen is seen at a workshop of Dalian Hoffen Bio-Technique Co. Ltd. in Dalian. Founded by Dr. Sui Hongjin in 2004, Dalian Hoffen Bio-Technique produces, preserves and exhibits plastinated biotic specimens of human and animals.


Two horses duel in a competition at Gulongpo in China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. People in Rongshui County traditionally hold horse fighting-competitions as part of a harvest celebration.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Long Tao / Associated Press

Argentinian artist Tomas Saraceno poses at his installation "Cloud Cities" at Hamburger Bahnhof museum in Berlin. The exhibition will run until Jan. 15, 2012.


A resident uses a boat to go to the grocery shop in flooded areas near the Chao Phraya river in Ayutthaya, Thailand. So far, rising waters have left more than 70 people nationwide dead and affected the homes and livelihoods of 4.3 million people.


A red rose and photograph of British singer Amy Winehouse and a fan are placed on a tree outside the late singer's house in Camden. Winehouse died at her home on July 26. She would have been 28 years old on Sept. 14.


A man holds a child as he grieves while waiting outside a mortuary to receive the body of a family member who died after two trains collided near Arakkonam. A passenger train collided with another train stopped at a signal in southern India Tuesday, killing 10 people and injuring dozens more, police said Wednesday.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Aijaz Rahi / Associated Press

A teacher covers a child with a quilt as her kindergarten pupils take an afternoon nap in Jiaxing, China.


Indians shop for fruit and vegetables in Jammu. India's inflation rose at its fastest pace in 13 months to a peak of 10% in August.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Channi Anand / Associated Press

Todd Goings makes adjustments to the jumper gears on Jane's carousel in Brooklyn. The carousel, built in 1922 by the Philadelphia Toboggan company of Germantown, Pa., was originally installed in Idora Park in Youngstown, Ohio. It has been restored by artist Jane Walentas and is to open to the public on Sept. 16. French architect Jean Nouvel designed the acrylic box-shaped pavilion, located on the Brooklyn waterfront between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Mark Lennihan / Associated Press

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Pictures in the News | Sept. 14, 2011

We’re taking a clinical approach to begin Wednesday’s Pictures in the News, with a partial plastinated human body specimen at a workshop in China. Plastination is a process used in anatomy to preserve bodies or body parts. (Some viewers may find the image disturbing.)

Elsewhere, an Afghan police officer passes by a shattered wall of the building that was occupied by Taliban militants in Kabul after a 20-hour insurgent attack in the heart of the capital.

Birthday wishes were left in front of the former home of pop singer Amy Winehouse in London. Winehouse, who died

in July, would have been 28 years old today.

In other parts of the world, residents need to use  boats to get to the local store due to rising flooded waters near the Chao Phraya river in Thailand;  a passenger train collided with another train stopped at a signal in southern India, killing 10 people and injuring dozens more; and horses duel one another in China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

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