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A Nepalese woman with her daughter looks out a window at debris of collapsed buildings damaged by an earthquake in Katmandu. Rescue workers raced to clear roads blocked by mudslides as they scrambled to reach remote villages cut off after the quake of magnitude 6.9 shook northeast India, Nepal and Tibet.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Niranjan Shrestha / Associated Press

A young Indian girl, who was injured in a building collapse that followed an earthquake, is treated at a hospital in Siliguri. Rescue workers in helicopters and earth movers raced to reach Indian villages cut off by mudslides after Sunday's powerful earthquake damaged more than 100,000 homes in the remote Himalayan region, officials said.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Anupam Nath / Associated Press

Aerial image taken from a Pakistani army helicopter shows flood-affected villagers seeking refuge on a dry patch in the flood-hit Sanghar district. The United Nations and Pakistani government appealed for $357 million in foreign donations to help more than 7 million people swamped by a second year of catastrophic floods.


People displaced from flooded areas live in temporary shelters.


Participants in the "Occupy Wall Street" demonstration around Wall Street attempt to disrupt pedestrian traffic as financial workers try to get to work. Hundreds of demonstrators, who descended on Lower Manhattan on Saturday with the aim of staying at least until the opening of the New York Stock Exchange on Monday, had planned to turn the area into an "American Tahrir Square."


A 6-year-old enjoys strewn feathers along with his father during a performance by French theater company Les Studios de Cirque in Bucharest. The performance celebrates the Days of Bucharest, which mark the day when the Romanian capital was first mentioned in a document, on Sept. 20, 1459, by medieval Romanian King Vlad Tepes. The infamous Vlad Tepes inspired Bram Stoker's fictional character Dracula, with his cruel punishments for criminals who were often impaled for their crimes.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Octav Ganea / Associated Press

Members of the cavalry ride on the beach. The horses and riders are tested with gunfire, music and smoke for Tuesday's parade in The Hague, including the Queen in the Golden Carriage who will pronounce the Speech from the Throne, the main feature of government policy for the coming parliamentary session.


City riot police move in to clear out some 50 "indignant" protesters who had blocked the entrance to the Barcelona Stock Exchange.


A close-up of a protester as workers from the Astilleros shipyard cut off traffic along a floodgate road leading to the port of Seville during a protest against the possible closure of the company in Seville.


Anti-government protesters carry a fellow protester injured during clashes with security forces, who killed 20 people, some shot by snipers from rooftops, in a crowd of protesters demanding the removal of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, medics and witnesses said, in rising violence that has broken an uneasy stalemate.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Khaled Abdullah / Reuters

A newly married couple walk to the spot for their wedding photo in Shanghai.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Eugene Hoshiko / Associated Press

New Zealand's Andrea Hewitt celebrates with the crowd en route to winning the 2011 Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship Yokohama in Japan. This is the first major international sporting event in Japan since the devastating earthquake and tsunami in March.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Delly Carr / Associated Press

The street circuit of the Formula One night race is illuminated during a light testing seen from Swissotel at dusk. Singapore will be the host city for the SingTel Singapore Grand Prix from Sept. 23-25.


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Monday’s Pictures in the News begins in Asia, where a magnitude 6.8 earthquake hit northeastern India, Nepal and Tibet, killing at least 40 people and injuring hundreds. Rescue workers raced Monday to clear roads blocked by mudslides as they scrambled to reach remote villages cut off after the quake. In Pakistan, authorities scrambled to provide relief goods and evacuate marooned people displaced from flooded areas as the number of people affected in recent floods in Pakistan rose above 7 million.

On the protest front, hundreds of demonstrators descended on Lower Manhattan to “Occupy Wall Street,” attempting to disrupt pedestrian traffic for financial workers trying to get to work in New York. In Spain, riot police cleared out “indignant” protesters who had blocked the entrance to the Barcelona Stock Exchange, and workers from the Astilleros shipyard cut off traffic leading to the port of Seville during a protest.

On the lighter side, feathers were flying in Romania during the Days of Bucharest event that resembled something of a giant pillow fight. Add stops in Singapore, China, Japan and the Netherlands to round out the report.

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