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From nightfall to daybreak at Occupy L.A.

An uncommon mix of people have squeezed into a motley tent city on the 1.7-acre lawn surrounding City Hall: middle-aged Marxists, out-of-work blue-collar workers, lawyers, teachers, train-hoppers and anarchists — along with a rowdier element looking to drink beer and drop acid. The camp’s proximity to skid row has drawn a sizable contingent of homeless.

The protesters pride themselves on being leaderless, but signs of social stratification have emerged. A section north of City Hall has attracted older protesters — many of whom are employed — and has been dubbed “Westwood” by one camper. A thin grassy strip west of City Hall near the portable toilets, where homeless people have congregated, is “skid row,” he said.

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  1. December 29, 2011, 3:28 pm

    You guys need some better photographers. At first I thought maybe this was some sort of artistic approach to covering Occupy L.A. (even if that is the case, this has no place in editorial work); but then I realized it was just a lack of technical skill and imagination.


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