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Best of the Web

“Occupy L.A.”
Drawing from the Occupy Wall Street movement, Occupy L.A. has grown into a community brimming with passionate artists and protesters seeking to be heard.  Los Angeles Times photographer Robert Gauthier’s images of daily life around Los Angeles City Hall are accompanied by the words of artist and activist Henry Foote.

“The National Womb”
Life is not easy in Nagorno Karabakh.  The country recently celebrated 20 years of independence, but economically deprived Nagorno Karabakh suffers from high unemployment, low salaries and few opportunities.

To combat the mass exodus and shrinking population, the government has introduced the “birth encouragement program” which incrementally awards substantial cash payments for adding to the household, in a country where the average monthly salary is 35 Euros. Photographer Anastasia Taylor-Lind visits Nagorno Karabakh to document the program that has yielded a 25.5% birth rate increase for the country.

“Life in a Day”
“Life in a Day” is a groundbreaking film produced by Ridley Scott and directed by Kevin Macdonald that solicited user-generated content from around the world that was shot on July 24, 2010.   With more than 80,000 videos from 197 countries, 4,500 hours of video was edited into a 94-minute portrait of the world. Google and YouTube have released the full-length feature for viewing before the release of the DVD

“There Is a Need for Photojournalists”

Veteran photojournalist Ron Haviv has spend more than 20 years on the front lines of history, covering conflict, revolution and disasters.  Haviv recounts experiences from the front line, including a story of his photography influencing the U.S. invasion of Panama.

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