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Korean War goodbye kiss

Korean War goodbye kiss

Sept. 6, 1950: Pvt. Robert Maye and his wife, Gloria, kiss goodbye with the help of Harvey Wilson, left, and Frank Harvey. The couple have been married 18 months and have a 6-month-old daughter.

The 160th Infantry Regiment was departing for training camp, part of the Korean War troop call-up.

The next morning, Los Angeles Times writer Bill Dredge reported:

Los Angeles’ own — the 160th Infantry Regiment, National Guard —  left for the fourth war of its brief history yesterday morning.

The leave-taking was grimmer than was the push-off in 1941. The tears came more quickly. The embraces were more fiercely given and returned.

And on through the night and early this morning other units of the 40th Infantry Division, of which the 160th is a part, continued the move out. They left from the little towns, as well as the big ones. And the hilarity was not there. Military smartness took its place. Too recently the men learned that was no occasion for jesting and laughter.

The 160th Infantry entrained at Exposition Park after mustering in the echoing, high-raftered armory. The number of departing troops was undisclosed — a matter of military security. But car after car of the troop train extended along Exposition Blvd. between Figueroa St. and Menlo Ave.

And when the cars filled with troops, the pavement was lined three deep with wives, sweethearts, parents and friends. The band was quiet then. The cadence of ringing combat boots was stilled.

The sounds were those of whispered, strained goodbyes. And soft, unashamed weeping.

This photo by former Los Angeles Times staff photographer Frank Brown was published on Sept. 7, 1950.

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  1. November 10, 2011, 10:56 am

    Thank you for your service and sacrifice. It will never be forgotten.

    By: Mark

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