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Police Show-up

Police Show-up

May 9, 1936: Suspects line up during a Los Angeles Police Department “show-up,” now known as a lineup, as victims or witnesses try to identify alleged crime perpetrators.

A typical police show-up is explained in this July 26, 1937, Los Angeles Times article:

A series of weekend purse snatchings in which some women victims were beaten and half a dozen purses stolen resulted in police making a general round-up of suspicious characters in a raid on beer parlors yesterday.

Sixteen men arrested in the round-up were charged with suspicion of burglary and held for a police show-up tomorrow night at which time victims of the thefts will be asked to identify their assailants.

This photo was not published in the Los Angeles Times, but was later used in the 1998 Times book “Times Gone By: A postcard collection of historical photos from the Los Angeles Times archives.”

A couple similar “show-up” images are in The Times’ photo archive, but this’s the best example.

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