Capturing history as it was made: Los Angeles Times celebrates 132nd anniversary

From its inception on Dec. 4, 1881, the Los Angeles Times has been an integral part of this great city. Our metropolis has changed dramatically over the past 132 years, but one thing has remained constant: The Los Angeles Times has landed on doorsteps, computer screens and cellphones every single day. Our commitment to covering the news – the first draft of history, as Philip Graham famously called it – is unwavering.

Although the nature of photography has moved from the darkroom to the digital frontier, the power of images to capture historic events endures.

In this gallery, you’ll be treated to an unforgettable walk through the history of Southern California; the opening of the California Aqueduct, the rise of Hollywood, natural disasters and the political careers of presidents. The Los Angeles Times is one of the largest and most-decorated photo staffs in the world. Their work has been honored with five Pulitzer Prizes and numerous other awards.

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[For the Record, 8:30 a.m. Dec. 5: An earlier version misspelled the first name of Philip Graham as Phillip.]