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Best of the Web

Best of the Web

This week’s Best of Web is a visual melting pot.  We have interesting still photography, video and something funny that anyone can do.

Marked by Claire Felicie

This intriguing series by Claire Felicie follows soldiers before, during and after their service in Afghanistan.  The photography is in your face — and the faces that look back at you say so much.  They are compelling and powerful as the viewer makes uneasy eye contact, wondering what the subjects of this project may have experienced and where their heads are today.   All the “before” photos seem to carry a slight smirk of confidence, while the “after” photos all have a quality of exhaustion.   Without any consideration or opinion of your stance on war, this is a powerful project that stares at a few faces that have experienced aspects of life that we will never truly understand beyond what we read and see on television. I admire that it was made.

Adidas Originals H3lium ZXZ

The visuals are nice, with the voice of design director Brian Foresta breaking down the making of,  and inspiration for,  a new Adidas shoe design.  It’s a simple approach — basically a video of an expert sitting at his desk.  I like that Adidas does stuff like this to introduce a new product.  It’s one of those pieces that won’t change your life, but now I’m really curious to see and touch these.

Seoul Got Soul

I have a thing for Seoul, so when I accidentally stumbled upon this site while searching for something else, I was immediately curious.  My love for Seoul made me particularly like the scenery of this series, as it so honestly captured the urban pulse of the city though the lens of subculture.  The episode 1 video, titled  B-Boy Becomes a Man,  has a lovely look and feel to it.  I like the way it was shot and the color grading that the director, David Jongkwon Kim, chose to implement.  I Am a Mechanic has a great opening and the music selection is keen; I just wish I had learned a little more about this subject, though.    I get a sense that David will make some epic doc on fixed gear cycling in the best cities of the world, because his shooting style and style sense in general is progressive and the editing is seamless and polished.   Save the Bike Lane was incredibly well made, with no dialogue necessary.  The visuals made the point.


For fun, I added this because I found it made me happy.  People can be so creative.  It’s neat to see what people come up with.  I absolutely love this and am kicking myself for not being on board sooner, considering it been around for years now.

Photos:  Top left, photography by Claire Felicie;  top right,  screen grab from Adidas Original; bottom left, screen grab from Save the Bike Lane by David Jongkwon Kim; bottom right,  photography by Jennifer Mai / Keith-Mai. 

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