Pictures in the News | Dec. 30, 2011

We begin Friday’s Pictures in the News in Russia, where an army of snowmen were on display in Gorky Park.

In Poland, ‘Bearded men’ interact with children as they parade in the streets of Slawatycze. On the last three days of December, citizens of Slawatycze, as part of an old local tradition, dress up in ‘bearded men’ costumes, say goodbye to the old year and make wishes for the new year. An artist in Germany was busy stitching in the new year in with ‘Urban knitting,’ a kind of street art, consisting in woolen objects knit around urban street furniture such as dustbins, benches or lampposts.

Elsewhere, Egyptian protesters chant slogans during a demonstration in Cairo’s Tahrir Square; thousands of irate Kurds bury 35 civilians killed in a Turkish air raid and brand Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan a murderer; and people walk in Red Square decorated for New Year and Christmas celebrations in Moscow.

Add stops in India, Nepal, Syria and Iowa to round out the report.