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Jan. 31, 1977: A horse and rider watch as the space shuttle Enterprise is towed from a Rockwell International facility in Palmdale to Edwards Air Force Base for a year of flight tests. Townspeople lined the route for a glimpse of the 110-ton shuttle. A 90-wheel transport was used and accompanied by a 20-vehicle convoy.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Art Rogers / Los Angeles Times

Dec. 7, 1941: The destroyer Shaw's forward magazine explodes after being struck during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.


Jan. 2, 1931. Prof. Albert Einstein and his wife pose for photographers as part of a press conference at the California Institute of Technology.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Times / LA Daily News Archive/UCLA

July 31, 1958: Lomie Puckett stands guard to prevent bulldozers from leveling her Edendale house for the construction of the Golden State Freeway. Puckett wanted more money than offered for the house.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: John Malmin / Los Angeles Times

Jan. 25, 1948: A Santa Fe diesel passenger locomotive hangs over Aliso Street after running off the end of its track at Union Station. The locomotive had just been unhooked from the El Capitan passenger train from Chicago at 8:45 a.m. when the accident occurred.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

Dec. 12, 1942: Captured Japanese midget submarine is paraded around the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum during USC-UCLA football game. The sub had participated in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Times Archive, UCLA

June 19, 1944: Surrealist Salvador Dali poses in his small temporary workplace, a bathtub in the Ambassador Hotel.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

Time exposure of Army antiaircraft unit using searchlight. An image from the same shoot, with one beam, was published on Jan. 17, 1942.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Paul Calvert / Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

April 8, 1988: Under construction at a cost of $12 million, the 56,500-square-foot Spelling mansion takes shape in Holmby Hills. Now officially known as "The Manor," the home is slightly larger than the White House.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Rick Meyer / Los Angeles Times

April 27, 1978: Actor John Wayne chats with the media after arriving at Orange County Airport after a flight from Boston, where doctors replaced a heart valve.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Steve Rice / Los Angeles Times

Oct. 5, 1958: Angels Flight car seen from Clay Street in Los Angeles.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: John Malmin / Los Angeles Times

Sep. 12, 1953: Actress Lucille Ball laughs as her husband, Desi Arnaz, contemplates an answer during a news conference about Ball's short association with the Communist Party in 1936.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

Oct. 15, 1996: Lakers rookie Kobe Bryant soars during a photography shoot at Will Rogers State Beach.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Ken Hively / Los Angeles Times

March 19, 1956: Old Pacific Electric red cars sit at Terminal Island junkyard, awaiting dismantling to become scrap metal.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

Jan. 17, 1956: Pigeons lay waste to a newly poured concrete sidewalk on Bunker Hill.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: John Malmin / Los Angeles Times

July 12, 1949: Wreckage of Standard Airlines C-46 is examined following crash killing 35 passengers and crew. Fourteen survived.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Paul Calvert / Los Angeles Times

Nov. 13, 1958: Sen. John F. Kennedy poses for Los Angeles Times staff photographer William S. Murphy during an interview a week after the 1958 mid-term elections. The interview was at the Santa Monica home of Kennedy's brother-in-law actor Peter Lawford.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: William S. Murphy / Los Angeles Times

Nov. 2, 1983: Two former UCLA greats, Bill Walton, left, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, mix it up under the basket in an NBA game at San Diego. The San Diego Clippers, with Walton, beat the Lakers, led by Abdul-Jabbar, 110-106.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Vince Compagnone / Los Angeles Times

Sept. 9, 1937: Fans gather outside the Carthay Circle Theater for the premiere of “The Life of Emile Zola.”

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Maurice Terrell / Los Angeles Times

Apr. 19, 1967: Golf enthusiast Bill McPhillips is seething on the inside at turn of the weather as rain streaks window of his South Pasadena home.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: John Malmin / Los Angeles Times

Dec. 12, 1989: Frank Zappa in the living room of his Studio City home -- where he also had a complete recording studio. As an independent musician, Zappa was a pioneer long before the Internet era, giving up major record labels and tours.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Bob Carey / Los Angeles Times

Aug. 11, 1943: Frank Sinatra retreats to a ladder for refuge as autograph hounds besiege him following his arrival by train in Pasadena.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Times

Sept. 8, 1974: A movie set of fake brownstone structures burns on "Boston Street" at the Burbank Studios ranch. The set was a total loss. The multimillion-dollar fire destroyed three soundstages and four movie sets.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Boris Yaro / Los Angeles Times

Aug. 17, 1952: Buster, a roller skating rooster, navigates between a girl's legs during a photo session with former Los Angeles Times staff photographer Leigh Wiener.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Leigh Wiener / Los Angeles Times

July 1, 1940: Hollywood stars Don Ameche, holding binoculars, Hedy Lamarr and James Stewart watch the action at Hollywood Park. The stars attended a charity fundraiser at the track for the Red Cross on -- of course -- Red Cross Day.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Times

May 5, 1969: Jerry West walks off the floor at the Forum after the Lakers had lost to the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals for the sixth time in eight years. West scored 42 points in the 108-106 loss.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Art Rogers / Los Angeles Times

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From the Archive – best of 2011

Whew, made it through 2011! Now it’s time to look back over the 270 posts this year and pick the best. Here are the readers’ favorite – and mine – From the Archive posts of 2011.

If you follow the From the Archive blog, here are a couple of good links to view the previous posts:

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Posts by Scott Harrison in thumbnail mode.

For even more images, check out the “Capturing history as it was made: Los Angeles Times celebrates 130th anniversary” gallery with – of course – 130 historical photographs.

And since I can always add more images, nominate your favorite! Leave a comment below.

Happy New Year!

Scott Harrison

The images in the gallery are from the following 2011 From the Archive posts:

Space Shuttle Enterprise: Remembering Art Rogers and Space Shuttle Enterprise.

Pearl Harbor attack: A date that will live in infamy.

Albert Einstein: Einsteins greet the media in 1931.

Woman with rifle: Widow with rifle guards house.

Train engine: Santa Fe locomotive goes through wall.

Submarine: Japanese sub at UCLA – USC football game.

Salvador Dali: Salvador Dali in a bathtub. From the Archive post by Jessica Lum.

Searchlights: Southern California defenses [updated]

Mansion construction: Spelling Mansion.

John Wayne: John Wayne, ‘feeling great,’ comes home.

Angels Flight: Angels Flight’s first opening.

Kobe Bryant: Kobe Bryant, from preps to pros.

Red Cars:  A mountain of Red Cars.

Pigeon prints: Pigeons put their personal stamp on sidewalk.

Mountainside airplane crash: Remnants of a deadly crash.

John Kennedy: 1958 JFK portrait.

Walton vs. Abdul-Jabbar: Former Bruins battle.

Movie premiere: Carthay Circle Theater.

Golfer reading newspaper: Golf rainout.

Frank Zappa: Frank Zappa, businessman.

Frank Sinatra: Frank Sinatra’s in town.

Studio fire: Burbank Studios fire.

Skating rooster: Buster the skating rooster.

Celebrities at racetrack: Red Cross Day at Hollywood Park.

Jerry West: Lakers lose to Celtics — again.


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    It must have been pretty cold that day.

    By: Johnny
  2. January 2, 2012, 7:21 am

    Here is a photo of the C46 aircraft N79978 some time before it crashed into the mountainside.

    By: Don Ramsey

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