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A detailed inventory of reporter arrests at Occupy protests

Storify is a social news site on which users create topic-based stories by curating collections of various forms of social media, such as articles from large news sources, tweets, photographs and video links.  The Storify story of the year has been awarded to Josh Stearns, who created a detailed inventory of reporter arrests at Occupy protests. Good timing considering that Time magazine named the “protester” the “person of the year.”  Stearns’ story gives a sense of who is covering the Occupy protests and what some of those journalists must endure. To date, his story has collected news articles, tweets from those being arrested and links to videos and photographs documenting 36 journalists who have been taken into custody while covering the Occupy protests.

Lives Restored
New York Times photographer Damon Winter delves into the lives of people who function in society despite the challenges of severe mental illness. Intimate voice-over narration reflects upon the internal struggles of people dealing with the manifestations of mental illness.
Dream-like visuals seem to peer into the psyches of those learning to live with madness.

Capitalism Meets Communism
Thirty years of economic expansion puts China on pace as the fastest-growing major economy. A communist regime that once vehemently opposed the ideals of capitalism now embraces commerce and capitalism. Set in the sprawling metropolis of Beijing, San Jose Mercury News journalist Dai Sugano’s visual essay “Capitalism Meets Communism” masterfully captures the collision of the old and new. Set to a soundtrack of traditional Chinese instruments, images of designer handbags, luxury cars and high-rise buildings intertwine with a culture that is thousands of years old.

Lasting Toll
Although it has been two years since the official end date of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, many Americans are still reeling from the economic downturn. On assignment for the Los Angeles Times, photographer Katie Falkenberg gets in close to trace the lives of three families struggling to find economic stability.

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