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Sepulveda Boulevard tunnel opens

Sepulveda Boulevard tunnel opens

Sept. 27, 1930: Following opening ceremonies, a procession of cars, horses and wagons proceeds south through the new Sepulveda Boulevard tunnel. After eight years of construction, the new tunnel connects the San Fernando Valley with West Los Angeles.

In an article the next day, the Los Angeles Times reported:

Leading a three-mile procession of Indians, Mexicans, Spaniards and other pioneers of the Southwest, who came by thousands in ox carts, covered wagons and on gaily caparisoned horses, Mayor [John] Porter yesterday turned a golden key and opened wide the gates of Sepulveda Boulevard tunnel, the new thoroughfare through the Santa Monica Mountains which links San Fernando Valley with the beaches and West Los Angeles.

Misses Eleanor Poulton, Anna Jane Hill and Martha Sellemeyer, in Spanish costumes recalling the days of the dons, presented the key to Mayor Porter, who formally dedicated the tunnel and the new boulevard to the use of the people of Los Angeles county.

From the tunnel, the parade proceeded to Beverly Boulevard, at which point an entertainment, including addresses by prominent citizens, was given and a barbecue was provided by Charles Pressly of Santa Barbara.

The eight-year project built eight miles of new highway at a cost of $550,000, the article noted.

Both of these images were published in the Sept. 28, 1930, Los Angeles Times. They were recently scanned from the original 4- x 5-inch glass plates. For this From the Archive post they were left uncropped.

Sept. 27, 1930: Los Angeles Mayor John Porter turns the key in a giant symbolic lock during opening ceremonies of the Sepulveda Boulevard tunnel in the Santa Monica Mountains. The three ladies in Spanish dress are identified as Eleanor Poulton, Martha Sellmeyer and Anna Jane Hill. Original caption did not specify their positions in the photo. Others were not identified. Credit: Los Angeles Times


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    By: Marianna
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