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Julius Erving slam dunk

Julius Erving slam dunk

Feb. 25, 1981: The Philadelphia 76ers’ Julius “Dr. J” Erving slams the ball past the San Diego Clippers’ Joe “Jellybean” Bryant during a game in San Diego.

The next morning, Los Angeles Times staff writer Chris Cobbs reported:

SAN DIEGO–An hour before tipoff, Julius Erving sat in a corner of the Philadelphia locker room and sutured a fresh pair of unlaced sneakers. The long supple fingers moved with the grace of an artist weaving tapestry.

“We seem to bring out the best in other teams–and 13 times we’ve lost because of it,” Erving said.

“Our goal is to be methodical and mechanical, hit the ‘on’ switch, and try not to go through levels.”

His actions on the court later Wednesday night belied his words. There was nothing mechanical or methodical about either the Doctor, or the 76ers, who put away the Clippers 107-95.

Erving was at the height of his game, with 39 points, six rebounds, five assists, three steals and three blocked shots.

This photo by Times staff photographer Robert Lachman was lead art on the San Diego edition Sports section front the next morning.

Bryant is the father of Lakers player Kobe Bryant and former coach of the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks. The Clippers moved to L.A. in 1984.

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