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Tall photographer

Tall photographer

Sep. 13, 1938: World’s tallest man Robert Wadlow, at 8 feet, 8 inches, takes a photo of Sheriff Eugene Biscailuz during a visit to the Los Angeles County sheriff’s office.

Wadlow, on a nationwide tour, arrived in Los Angeles on Sep. 11, 1938. The next day, the Los Angeles Times reported on the tall celebrity:

The world’s tallest human was in Los Angeles yesterday.

Accompanied by his father, Robert Wadlow, 20 years of age, and towering 8 feet 8 1/2 inches above the ground, registered at the Biltmore and ordered that two full-sized beds be placed end to end to accommodate his giant form comfortably.

Cautiously eyeing all doorways and ceilings, the 480-pound youth, who wears a No. 36 size shoe, said he will be a visitor here until next month when he and his party will go north, visiting towns en route.

The Alton (Ill.) giant arrived here by his usual mode of transportation, a seven-passenger sedan in which the extra seats have been removed to give more leg space. Trains won’t work.

Wadlow was in Los Angeles as part of a tour for International Shoe Company — which made shoes for him free of charge.

When Wadlow died on July, 15, 1940, at age 22, he was 8 feet 11 inches in height – making him the tallest person in recorded history.

The Alton, Ill., Museum of History and Art has this online article on Wadlow.

Sep. 13, 1938: Robert Wadlow, the world’s tallest man, dropped into the office of Los Angeles County Sheriff Eugene Biscailuz for a visit. From left is Jean Mohr, the sheriff’s daughter; Warren Biscailuz, his son, and Sheriff Biscailuz. This photo was published in a street edition of the Los Angeles Times. Credit: Paul Calvert / Los Angeles Times.

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