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Best of the Web

Best of the Web this week celebrates design.

Ice Cube Celebrates the Eames House

Ice Cube and the Eames?  What — Ice Cube studied architecture?  Well, he studied architectural drafting, and he’s the narrator and guide for this quick video that is part of Pacific Standard Time.  By the end, I actually wanted to see a lot more.

Yosemite HD

I am a big fan of Yosemite, and this is a beautiful piece.  It is well made and really captures the soul of the majestic park.  The part where the stars are falling made my heart skip.


I just re-watched the full-length version of this documentary that was made a few years ago, and I felt a surge of inspiration. If you are going to have stuff in your life, that stuff should be designed well.  I like this topic, and I like the interviews that speak on the process.

Upside Down, Left to Right

Add crafts and craftsmanship to my obsession with design.  I enjoyed this video and particularly the thought of preserving this art form.  If you know letterpress, you know it is beautiful.  The process and craft are also beautiful.  This short film is also quite beautiful.  In some ways, I correlate photography with letterpress and how both processes have evolved with technology.  I love digital and how svelte it can be, but there is also this nostalgic romance of how it once was.  I think there is room for both in the world.

Images, clockwise from top left: Screengrabs of Ice Cube, “Yosemite HD,” “Upside Down, Left to Right” and “Objectified.”

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