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As part of the worldwide vigil day, activists perform a street play to protest China's crackdown on Tibetan protesters.


A woman prays at a monastery after a candlelight vigil for victims of violence in Tibet was canceled for security reasons.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Niranjan Shrestha / Associated Press

A Tibetan activist in exile takes part in a protest denouncing clashes between Chinese authorities and Tibetans.


Skiers walk beside frost-covered Wendelstein Church, Germany's highest church, in the Bavarian Alps. Temperatures have been plunging to new lows across Europe over the last two weeks, and the cold weather has claimed more than 220 lives.


Homeless people eat a free meal provided by the Russian Orthodox Church near a railway terminal as temperatures in the city fell to single digits.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Alexander Zemlianichenko / Associated Press

College students shout and raise their arms at the start of an annual ceremony that aims to encourage future graduates as they look for jobs.


During a protest outside the Supreme Court building, a demonstrator places a red carnation on a banner showing photos of victims of the Spanish Civil War. The protest came on the last day of the trial of Judge Baltasar Garzon, who is accused of overstepping his jurisdiction by probing atrocities linked to the war.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Paul White / Associated Press

An election official watches as a man fills out his ballot vote during voting for the state Assembly in Uttar Pradesh, India's most populous state.


The crew aboard the International Space Station captures a spectacular image of an aurora borealis as the spacecraft passes over a section of western Canada.


An anti-government protester throws back a tear-gas canister at police during clashes that came after President Mohamed Nasheed stepped down a day earlier. Nasheed said he was forced out of office in a coup, and demanded that his successor resign immediately.


Omar Ahmad, 6, walks in his neighborhood, his face painted with the colors of Egypt's flag.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Muhammed Muheisen / Associated Press

A peddler is silhouetted as he inflates balloons for sale at the India Gate monument.


A traditional mask dancer performs in an annual Buddhist procession. Hundreds of dancers, drummers, decorated elephants and Buddhist monks took part in the event, which is held on a full moon.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Gemunu Amarasinghe / Associated Press

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Wednesday’s Pictures in the News begins in India, where activists performed street theater to protest a crackdown on Tibetan protesters in China. As part of a worldwide vigil day, thousands of protesters participated in a daylong demonstration in New Delhi to highlight the plight of the Tibetan people.

A cold snap continues in Europe, where skiers walked beside a frost-covered church in the Bavarian Alps. Temperatures have been plunging to new lows across the continent, and the two-week-long deep freeze has so far claimed more than 220 lives. See gallery

Elsewhere, college students rallied at the start of a job-hunting ceremony in Tokyo; anti-government protesters and police clashed in the Maldives; and the crew of the International Space Station captured an image of an aurora borealis over Canada.

Add stops in Russia, Spain, Egypt and Sri Lanka to round out the report.

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