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Aug. 13, 1981: During a press conference at his ranch near Santa Barbara, President Reagan shows a boot following questions regarding a bubonic plague threat near his ranch. In front of him lies the economic tax relief bill and budget which he signed.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Jose Galvez / Los Angeles Times

May 9, 1901: Carriage carrying Pres. William McKinley turns north on Broadway at 6th Street during La Fiesta Parade. This photo was later published in the Aug. 31, 1941 Los Angeles Times. The panorama was made from three different prints.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Title Insurance & Trust Co. / Library file photo

Sept. 20, 1919: President Wilson and wife Edith Wilson during a parade through downtown Los Angeles.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: George Watson / Los Angeles Times

Oct. 1, 1935: Sitting in the back seat of a convertible in front of the presidential train at Central Station in downtown Los Angeles are, from left, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and Los Angeles Mayor Frank Shaw. The first lady is holding a bouquet of roses. The automobile is surrounded by security men. This photo was published in the Oct. 2, 1935, Los Angeles Times.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

1948: President Truman poses with photographers with Speed Graphic cameras while campaigning for election.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Times

Aug. 19, 1962: To cap off a 33-hour visit to Los Angeles, President Kennedy takes an impromptu dip at the beach in Santa Monica as throngs of admirers get close.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Bill Bebee / Los Angeles Times

Jan. 1, 1969: Nancy Reagan, Pat Nixon, President Nixon and a future president, Ronald Reagan -- then governor of California -- at the Rose Bowl game in Pasadena, where USC lost to Ohio State, 27-16.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

Nov. 4, 1972: President Nixon reaches out to shake hands with a crowd that turned out to welcome him at Ontario International Airport, where he delivered a speech during the final days of his reelection campaign.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Boris Yaro / Los Angeles Times

Nov. 5, 1984: President Reagan speaks to a crowd of about 20,000 at Pierce College in Woodland Hills on the last day of his campaign for reelection.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Bernie Boston / Los Angeles Times

Oct. 7, 1976: President Ford wears a USC letterman's jacket just presented to him by Trojans running back Ricky Bell, applauding, during Ford's appearance before the USC student body.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Boris Yaro / Los Angeles Times Archive, UCLA

April. 27, 1994: Former President Nixon's funeral is attended by, from left, President Clinton and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton; former President George H.W. Bush and wife, Barbara; former President Reagan and his wife, Nancy; former President Carter and wife, Rosalynn; and former President Ford and wife, Betty. The service was held at the Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times

Oct. 25, 2007: President George W. Bush jokes with a fire crew after touring the Rancho Bernardo area of San Diego County following massive brush fires.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times

Oct. 7, 1976: Jimmy Carter chats with Annette Lee, 6, and other youngsters in front of Jade West Restaurant during campaign stop in Century City. This photo was published in the Oct. 8, 1976 Los Angeles Times.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Boris Yaro / Los Angeles Times

Aug. 5, 1952: On stage at the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum are from left: California Gov. Earl Warren; Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower; Frank C. Hilton, VFW commander in chief; Wayne E. Richards Jr.; California Sen. Richard Nixon; and James W. Cothran Sr.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Times

Sep. 24, 1932: Gov. Franklin D. Roosevelt of New York waves to crowd at Hollywood Bowl during his campaign for President.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Times

March 26, 1988: Vice President George Bush tries on a sombrero during a campaign stop at Farmers Market in Los Angeles. This photo was published in the March 27, 1988 Los Angeles Times.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Marsha Traeger / LA Times Archive/UCLA

June 7, 1963: President John Kennedy visits the grand ballroom at the Beverly Hilton where graduating seniors from John Burroughs High School were holding prom. The President had come downstairs to the prom from a $4,000-a-couple Democratic Party fund-raising dinner. This photo was published in the June 8, 1963 Los Angeles Times.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: John Malmin / Los Angeles Times

April 18, 1987: President Reagan hugs Rocky Romero, 12, of Los Angeles at a camp for children with cancer.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Larry Davis / Los Angeles Times

Five presidents left to right George H. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon pose for a portrait at the dedication ceremony of the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley on November 4, 1991. (Anne Cusack/Los Angeles Times)

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times

May 18, 1993: President Bill Clinton speaks to students about education, immigration and other subjects at a forum at Los Angeles Valley College in Van Nuys. This photo appeared in the May 19, 1993 Los Angeles Times.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Rolando Otero / Los Angeles Times

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    President Reagan was the best,Great economy employment and low inflation under his leadership.Unlike the president we have now. President Reagan inherited awful economy from Carter and turned it around in no time at all.

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