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A 5-year-old steppe turtle with two heads and six paws is held up for a photograph at the Science History Museum. The Ukrainian-born reptile, on display at the museum, has a heart-shaped shell, two hearts but only one intestine, exposition organizers said.


A woman applies finishing touches while groming a shih tzu dog while another waits its turn before a competition at the Asia-Pacific Dog Show. The show, organized by the Philippine Canine Club, is being held to promote and encourage love for purebred dogs.


Five young black swans swim behind their mother in the Merwestein Park.


Protesters vandalize a police truck during an anti-U.S. demonstration over the burning of Korans at a U.S. military base in Afghanistan.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Hoshang Hashimi / Associated Press

A demonstrator jumps over a burning tire while hurling a stone at Israeli soldiers during a demonstration by Palestinians and peace activists demanding the reopening of a key street in Hebron. Hundreds of Palestinians protested to demand the city's main Shuhada Street be reopened after an 18-year closure by the Israeli military on security grounds.


Iceland's Steinthor Freyr Thorsteinsson takes a flip throw during a throw-in at the friendly football match against Japan at Nagai Stadium. Japan won the match 3-1.


Indian air force officials inspect the wreckage of a Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft at near Bhind. Reports state that both pilots managed to eject from the aircraft.


A rainbow appears over the Mount of Olives.


Iranian police officers pray at the Tehran University campus.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Vahid Salemi / Associated Press

Walter Rojas of Venezuela in action during the Men's 10-meter platform preliminary at the London Aquatics Center.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Clive Rose / Getty Images

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  1. April 16, 2013, 12:45 pm

    Fine. The Western allies will leave Afghanistan, and the tribal enmities will go on but involving fewer Westerners. I pity those caught in the cross-firing, the girls denied education, the thinking restricted.


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