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Best of the Web

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“The How of Why”

In January I wrote a little blurb about Corey Rich Productions’ “Why.”  This week, Corey and his team released “The How of Why.”    The piece gives a full glimpse of just how they made “Why,” including the gear list and a little bit of the process.  In this video,  Corey dissects a couple new features of the Nikon D4, which makes sense, because the video is not just about the adventure sports characters but the power of this new camera.   Keep with this doc. I gasped and was so impressed with the commitment to the shot around 9:11.

“Manner of Death: Undermined

This piece started out immediately gripping and very sad.  Documentaries like this remind me once again why investigative reporting is so important and necessary to bring to light any injustices in our communities.

“TED Prize”

This week the Ted Prize 2012 was announced.  This year, instead of going to a singular human, it went to, well, you.  You, in a way.  It is an abstract concept that I absolutely love.  The theme is called The City 2.0.  The idea behind it is pretty basic, but massive – the idea to create a better world.  I did say massive didn’t I?.  I do admire the ambition and drive to accomplish such a task.


Last Sunday, the Academy Awards were announced.  The winner for best documentary is “Undefeated.”  This piece has heart and not all that much about football.   It’s a piece of inspiration and a good underdog story.  Please don’t mix this up with “The Undefeated,” the documentary on Sarah Palin.

Caption: top left, “How of Why”; top right, “Manner of Death: Undetermined”; bottom left, “TED Prize”; bottom right, “Undefeated”

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