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Mule train on Broadway

Mule train on Broadway

Sept. 6, 1950:  Twenty mules pull two original Death Valley borax wagons on Broadway, making a turn onto 7th Street during a California centennial parade.

A crowd estimated at 250,000 watched the parade, which included a Police Department band and a Centennial Commission float.

The parade, scheduled to begin at 10 a.m., started an hour late. While 19 of the mules cooperated, Jumbo had other ideas. Upon arrival in Los Angeles, The Times explained:

He and his 19 buddies arrived in two trucks and unloading began. Cleated ramps were placed on the trucks and the mules clattered down.

All but Jumbo.

He laid back a long ear, rolled a mean-looking eye, while his owner, Bruce Morgan, tried to coax him along.

Jumbo had to be pushed off the truck and coaxed into being harnessed. He did OK during the parade but repeated the stubborn routine during reloading into the trucks.

“Reckon we better not bring Jumbo to the big city any more,” the L.A. Times quoted owner Bruce Morgan as saying.

Jumbo balks at loading onto a truck after the California centennial parade. Credit: ProQuest

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