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Best of the Web

This week’s Best of the Web explores the series “Made by Hand.”  These short films are all heart and soul.  They inspire as films should.  They tell a good story, and they leave you with a sense of inner reflection.  The series is produced out of Brooklyn, N.Y., and explores different crafts. The deep labor of love is evident in all of the subjects and is an inspiring reminder that you can do what you love anywhere, even in a big city.

Made by Hand: The Distiller

This piece feels and looks very nice.  The director Keef and his team’s style is imprinted in each of  these films.  The stories of the individuals are wonderfully explored in the interviewing and resonate with a deep level of passion from people who love what they do.

Made by Hand: The Knife Maker

This piece was the one that got me hooked and made me a fan of this series and this filmmaker.  It was the most personally inspiring. The interview with the knife maker is gripping, and you can hear the struggle and passion behind his craft.   The film concisely covers all the key points of how he got started and why he does what he does.

Made by Hand: The Beekeeper

This is a nice piece that explores a farmer and beekeeper.  It’s the first one so far that’s in color. The short doc is made nicely, and the color choices are  particularly good.  I liked when the subject said she had found her purpose.


Alexander Tsiaras: Conception to Birth — Visualized

I added this one because I was mesmerized by it.  The film of the developing fetus starts at around 2 minutes.  It’s educational and transforming – I recommend listening to the entire  piece.  It’s a reminder of just how incredible you are.

Captions, clockwise from top left: “Made by Hand: The Distiller,” “Made by Hand: The Knife Maker,” “Ted Talks: Alexander Tsiaras,” “Made by Hand: The Beekeeper.” 

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  1. March 10, 2012, 5:56 pm

    Now when will they start the installation of Jeff Koon's Locomotive?

    By: Cleareye

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