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El Camino Real sign

El Camino Real sign

Jan. 14, 1936: El Camino Real sign located at the Asistencia, now a California Historical Landmark in Redlands.

While researching this image, I found two prints, one with a Paul Calvert byline on back and another with note “From E. F. LIndenberger… San Bernardino.”

My reaction – “Huh?”

Turns out Edwin F. Linderberger was a Times staff writer from the Inland Empire area. So while Calvert took this image, Linderberger probably wrote this caption when this image was published in the Jan. 22, 1936, Los Angeles Times:

By the side of the ancient roadway near Redlands, traveled by dusty feet of Spanish padres more than a century ago, this little butcher bird rested weary wings beneath the bell marking the trail, surveyed the restoration of the old mission station, the Asistencia, by a W.P.A. crew of adobe bricklayers and found the work good.

San Bernardino County has this Web page on the “Asistencia,” California Historical Landmark #42.

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