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Best of the Web

Best of the Web

“America’s Dead Sea”

The opening is sensational. I like how the sound comes in first. The photography is beautiful. I found the old-time voice-over very effective; it was filled with information but had a floaty tone.

“The Beat of New York”

The editing has a serious pulse and energy. The vibe conveys such vibrancy in an average New York day. It’s exactly what I want to feel in a video postcard.

Making Art

The series Making Art explores artists of different genres and an aspect of each artist’s motivation. The pieces are insightful.

“A Day in the Life”

Documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock has a show exclusively on Hulu that follows a famous person around for 24 hours to get a glimpse into his or her day.  It’s a quick 24 hours with insight and personality.  The one about Richard Branson made me like him very much., of Black Eyed Peas fame, is unexpectedly mellower than I had perceived, and I learned who Jason “Mayhem” Miller is.  These vignettes reveal a personality that seems more true to reality than the public images of these individuals.

Bonus: John Crawford

WARNING: Nudity is involved in a whimsical, not sexual, way.

These photographs are fun. This project is a real conversation piece.  I do enjoy photography that makes me smile, and these did so effortlessly.  Take a look to perk up your day.  Thanks, John Crawford, for your creativity.

Images: Screen grabs. Top left: “America’s Dead Sea.” Top right: “The Beat of New York.” Bottom left: “Making Art: Texture.” Bottom right: “A Day in the Life: Richard Branson.”

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