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Best of the Web

Best of the Web this week visits two progressive photography agencies telling stories from around the world.


Let’s take a moment and remember Bosnia.  Photojournalist Ron Haviv, Christopher Morris and Gary Knight of VII agency present powerful photographs that serve as a historical record of  a conflict not too far in the past.  The pictures are gripping and hard to swallow as I consider what I was doing in Los Angeles at the same time.

Explore these three varying styles of photography and you get a fuller perspective of just how severe the situation was.


Panos Pictures

Panos Pictures is a group I tend to visit quite regularly for inspiration.  They tend to do quite a bit of videos on regular, yet extraordinary, people.  The multimedia story “In the Name of Victoria” by Mads Nissen and Line Holm Nielson had me on the edge of my seat and stunned by the compassion of Cecile M. Hansen.

The cinematography by Fredrik Naumann in “A voice from Røst” is simply stunning.

I recommend just going down the line of the multimedia stories.  They are all different, creative, compelling and very good.

Caption: Top left: The hand of a Bosnian Muslim who was killed by Croatians in fighting awaits burial in Vitez, Bosnia in the fall of 1993. Croat and Bosnian Muslim forces fought a fierce war that lasted for one year for control of central and western Bosnia by Ron Haviv / VII; Top right: The casket of a child and a mortuary worker seen in a Sarajevo Mortuary by Gary Knight / VII; Bottom left: screengrab from “In the Name of Victoria” by Mads Nissen and Line Holm Nielson; bottom right: screengrab from “A voice from Rost” by Fredrik Naumann. 

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