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Cross for Easter services

Cross for Easter services

April 1952: Members of La Puente Valley churches raise a cross during preparation for Easter sunrise services.

This photo by former staff photographer Bob Ritchie, published in the Saturday, April 11, 1952, L.A. Times, accompanied this story:

PUENTE, April 11 – On the P hill, overlooking La Puente Valley, people will gather before dawn tomorrow for Easter sunrise services and watch the sun light up the newly erected cross which will remain as a fitting symbol of Resurrection day.

The cross was raised this week by representatives of several of the churches to participate in the 6 a.m. rites. The La Puente Valley Ministerial Association is organizing the service.

Among the denominations represented are the Assembly of God, Baptist, Nazarene, Methodist, Four Square and Evangelical United groups.

The Methodist Community Choir and Owen White will present musical numbers and the Rev. S. E. Boyle will lead congregation singing. The Rev. Joseph E. Olson, pastor of the Bassettdale Community Church, will speak on “Calvary’s Crucible.”

This photo was later published in the October 1952 Times-Mirror employee publication “Among Ourselves.” Photographers were asked to submit their favorite image. The caption reported that Ritchie submitted this image “because of its beauty and how it conveys co-operative spirit which went into community project.”

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  1. April 6, 2012, 6:29 am

    I bet the Aclu would not sit still for that to happen now… more's the shame… It's a stirring picture of what used to be….(sigh)

    By: grandma for liberty

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