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Best of the Web

Best of the Web

This week’s Best of the Web has a heavy design influence.

DWR Presents: Jens Risom

What a sweet and endearing man designer Jens Risom is. This interview works well because of the subject’s character. His spirit is conveyed in the short film that is just under five minutes. His insights on his classic and recent designs are charming and earnest.

I really enjoy companies such as Design Within Reach for producing videos that provide a back story to the inspiration of the products.


This next video is basically eye candy for designers. I drooled as I viewed. It is from the fine folks at House Industries. The creative font design house is a maven in what it does.  If you are even slightly aware of pop culture, you have seen one of its fonts used.  The work that it produces is purely and simply gorgeous, smart and witty.  Next I would like to see a film of this group with an added layer of interviews and more back story about some of the awesome things the designers do.

Current State: Snowboarding MAKING OF

I’ve come to realize that I am drawn to videos that give a glimpse of how some final product has been produced.  It’s that curiosity about how things are done that intrigues me.

This intensively, highly designed book is being promoted with this high-energy making-of video.  The video is immensely cool and flows with the essence of snowboarding culture. The editing and pacing are crazy. I had to watch it multiple times. This book is appealing as a design piece beyond the subject, as it was created with such a thoughtful aesthetic sense.

American Photo: Photojournalism of the Week: March 30, 2012

Most photography websites and blogs now have a aggregated roundup of a weekly edit. We have a good one too called The Week in Pictures. I found that American Photo magazine has a Photojournalism of the Week component that is quite nice with range and depth.

Photos: (top left) Screengrab from House; (top right) screengrab from DWR Presents: Jens Risom; (bottom left) screengrab from Current State: Snowboarding MAKING OF; and (bottom right) On American Photo, shop owner Mirian Burrueco reacts as demonstrators storm her store during a day of anti-austerity protests and strikes in Barcelona, Spain. Credit: Emilio Morenatti / Associated Press


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