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Jimmy Stewart's empty nest

Jimmy Stewart’s empty nest

June 18, 1970: Actor James Stewart playing ball with his dogs during a photo shoot with Los Angeles Times staff photographer Kathleen Ballard.

Stewart had just finished a revival of “Harvey” on Broadway and the movie “Cheyenne Social Club” with Henry Fonda. His children were all grown and, as Times writer Wayne Warga explained,

Jimmy Stewart is a very busy man. He doesn’t need money, he needs the activity. And so does his wife [Gloria]. It was the need for activity that sent him east to do “Harvey.”

“Probably the major reason I did Harvey was … well, behind the decision was that the house was empty. Empty. It was wonderful for Gloria to go back with me, her whole family is back there.”

A different image from the same shoot by Ballard — of Stewart with one of his dogs – was published with Warga’s article on the Sunday Calendar cover on July 5, 1970.

Check out Stewart’s biography on the Times Hollywood Star Walk.

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  1. April 25, 2012, 12:17 pm

    While I didn't agree with Stewart's politics, he was an outstanding, sometimes underrated actor, and a fine person. His performance in "It's A Wonderful Life" remains one of his best.

    By: David B
  2. April 25, 2012, 12:46 pm

    Wonderful photo of JImmy Stewart, empty nester, playing with the dogs.

    By: grownandflown
  3. April 25, 2012, 2:32 pm

    Wonderful photo of JImmy Stewart

    By: grownandflown

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