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Best of the Web

Are You Really My Friend? 

I love this idea.  Photographer Tanja Alexia Hollander set out to get to know her friends.  All her friends on Facebook. All 626 of them. She hasn’t yet completed all the portraits but is on her way as she travels around to track down all her subjects. What a great way to actually get to know your friends a little better.

Hollander has an upcoming exhibition at the Portland Museum of Art from Feb. 4 through June 17, 2012.

Shibuya: Tokyo Commuters by Photographer Adam Hinton

Photographer Adam Hinton creates a series of photographs of Japanese commuters in the Shibuya area of Tokyo. The photographs are a luscious look at the people, and the book’s design makes a quiet statement as well, with zero words to accompany the imagery. The book is published by TIRA. The short video interview adds depth to the work.

Inside the Lively Morgue

What a wonderful video glimpse into the Lively Morgue – the New York Times’ archive library.  I can only imagine what amazing treasures exist in there.

Anthony Lister

I have a slight fascination with street artists and the process. This video explores the process of artist Anthony Lister. Filmmaker Carlos Gonzalez did a stellar video to capture an essence with a distinct sense of style. I appreciated the editing of this piece immensely and the mix of still photography with the motion.

Caption: Rosy Ngo & Plum Vagnetti, Brooklyn, New York, 2011, Relationship: friends, art, met at Hampshire College; years known: 20-25 © Tanja Alexia Hollander; top right: photograph from the series Shibuya: Tokyo Commuters by Photographer Adam Hinton; bottom left: Screengrab from the short film, The Lively Morgue; bottom right: Screengrab from the short film Anthony Lister. 

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    Thanks so much!

    By: tanja

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