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Nancy Berry: For the Dance of the Light – Friday, May 18

Nancy Berry: For the Dance of the Light – Friday, May 18

Nancy Berry was a highly successful music industry executive who only began making photographs six years ago. Completely self-taught, she has turned her sense of style and exploration into a visual journey of experimentation. The body of work presented for this one-day show at the Pacific Design Center was created with natural light and her creative sense — and all in camera, rather than by manipulation after the image is made. The craziest process that Berry applies is what makes me screech with delight. By her sheer confidence and boldness, she actually destroys whatever element she has utilized to create the lighting effects. I don’t know if I could do such a thing.

The pieces are beautiful and whimsical. And some are haunting while being beautiful and whimsical.

Caption: Have You Seen the Saucers, 2012 by Nancy Berry

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