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Rescue workers search the debris of a collapsed factory after a magnitude 5.8 earthquake struck the same area of northern Italy hit by another fatal tremor on May 20.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Marco Vasini / Associated Press

A man on a bicycle rides past a building heavily damaged in the quake.


A moving sidewalk is littered with trash at the El Prat airport in Barcelona, where cleaning workers are on strike.


Legendary British mountaineer Chris Bonington, 77, holds the Olympic torch on the summit of Mount Snowdon, Wales' highest mountain and the peak on which Bonington began his climbing career 61 years ago, on Day 11 of the torch's 70-day, 8,000-mile relay to London for this year's Summer Olympics.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

An Egyptian woman walks past a mural on a wall at Tahrir Square bearing caricatures of ousted President Hosni Mubarak, from right, melded with the face of military ruler Hussein Tantawi and presidential candidates Amr Moussa and Ahmed Shafiq. Graffiti in Arabic reads, "I will never give you peace and you will not rule me another day."

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Amr Nabil / Associated Press

A theatrical drama inspired by the Lapindo mud volcano that threatens to overwhelm the East Java district of Sidoarjo and performed outdoors includes a local actor caked in, appropriately, mud. The mud volcano erupted six years ago from the well of a gas company linked to one of Indonesia's richest men and is still spewing its toxic sludge over the countryside. All attempts to plug the geyser, which has acquired the nickname "Lusi," have failed and new spouts are opening up, threatening to destroy more villages, homes and livelihoods in the area.


Spectators try to catch a glimpse of Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan during a victory celebration for the Kolkata Knight Riders cricket team's championship in the Indian Premier League at Eden Garden.


An opponent of the upcoming European fiscal treaty referendum wears his sentiments on his cap while handing out leaflets on a Dublin street. Irish voters go to the polls Thursday to vote on the referendum.


Kashmiri Hindus light candles during the annual festival at the Khearbhawani temple. Some 200,000 Kashmiri Pandits fled the region in the early '90s at the start of an insurgency against Indian rule, settling mainly to the Hindu-dominated southern city of Jammu, and they return yearly for the festival.


An Indian man takes a drink of water provided by a local charity outside a Hindu temple on a warm morning in New Delhi. The temperature in the Indian capital has soared past 100 degrees in recent days.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Kevin Frayer / Associated Press

A mahout cools off with his elephant in the Yamuna River in New Delhi.


A boy plays on a newly built chariot wheel outside the Lord Jagannath Hindu temple, where preparations are well underway for the annual chariot festival that begins its nine-day run on June 21.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Biswaranjan Rout / Associated Press

Julia Douglas watches as about 3,500 lanterns launched by about 40,000 participants float away from Ala Moana Beach at the culimination of the 14th annual Floating Lantern Hawaii ceremony. The event is meant to honor the war dead and other loved ones who have passed away and to promote peace.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Oskar Garcia / Associated Press

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Also in Europe, a woman negotiates a litter-strewn walkway at El Prat airport in Barcelona, where cleaning workers are on strike and legendary mountaineer Chris Bonington carried the Olympic torch to the summit of Wales’ highest mountain, the place his climbing career began 61 years ago.

A heat wave has gripped India as local charities provide water outside a Hindu temple in New Delhi.

Elsewhere, spectators try to catch a glimpse of Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan in Calcutta; an outdoor performance of a theatrical drama about the Lapindo mud volcano in Indonesia gets dirty; and a child sits on a new chariot wheel ahead of the annual chariot festival at the Lord Jagannath Hindu temple in Puri, India.

Add stops in Cairo, Hawaii and Ireland to round out the report.

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