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Skylar Peak: Electrician, surfer, youngest Malibu city councilman

Flashing a toothy grin under sun-tipped strawberry-blond hair and blue-green eyes, Skylar Peak embodies the celluloid ideal of a waterman as he swaggers into Malibu Kitchen on Cross Creek Road for a late-morning shot of joe.

But this Malibu favorite son and certified surfer dude — who really does shout “Waddup?” and wave a shaka sign at friends from the window of his white GM pickup truck — has more on his mind than going off the lip at Big Dume or getting shacked off Indonesia. In April, the 28-year-old electrician, concert promoter and surf and stand-up paddle board instructor to the stars became the youngest person ever elected to Malibu’s City Council.

He garnered the most votes among seven candidates, nabbing 24% of the total, and could well become mayor in a year. “I’ve been selected as a leader in my community,” he said. “I hope I can make the right decisions.”

Invoking the argot of surfdom, he provides a clue as to what he thinks is “right” for Malibu: “I’m not that stoked about development.”

In his black T-shirt, green sweat pants and flip-flops, he gives a surfer’s “stinkeye” to the Lanvin and Missoni boutiques that share the Malibu Village shopping center with Malibu Kitchen. “These don’t belong here,” he said. But then he grinned, looked around at his familiar surroundings and added his mantra: “It’s all good.”

Read the full story by Martha Groves: On Malibu City Council, surfer Skylar Peak fights waves of change

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