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Best of the Web

Best of the Web

Emerging Photographer Fund

Video of the 2012 Emerging Photographer Fund finalists and winner is a glimpse into the future of documentary photography.  The work is strong and covers a range of topics.  Read more about the grant here.

Goa Hippie Tribe

Intriguing words and images start his interactive piece with multiple layers of storytelling and hours of extras.  This is an interesting concept using Facebook.  Warning: There is some nudity and coarse language.


This video launches immediately as a voice comes in and one is left wondering who is talking.  The visuals are lovely as Japan is lovely, and the pacing left me engaged and smiling — although that voice left me confused throughout.

Children With Swag

I had to share this blog to take you into the weekend.  These kids have more style than most adults I know, and obviously they have fashionable parents.  I took a few pointers from these little ones.  It’s fun to browse, nothing too serious and good clean fun.

Caption: Upper left: Photography by Matt Lutton, from the photo essay “Only Unity: Serbia In the Aftermath of Yugoslavia. Upper right: A screen grab from the Goa Hippie Tribe interactive presentation. Lower left: A screen grab from “Tokyo.” Lower right: Photography submitted to “Children With Swag.” 

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