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Best of the Web

Christopher Relander

I like your multiple exposure work, Christopher Relander. Remember the first time you learned how to do this, when film was king, and how magical the discovery was? And then, remember sandwiching your negatives together to create something unique for the world? Sometimes it worked, other times it was a hot mess, but all the time, it was fun and interesting. Now, with digital cameras, the game and fun has changed — not for the worse; it’s just different. Relander’s work here is all done in camera. Shocking, right? Awesome, right?

Dennis Maitland

I like your crazy-scary Life on the Edge photography, Dennis Maitland.  This body of work made me a little sick – in a wicked good way.  A lot of people do that photograph of their feet or shoes in some kind of scene and well, to be blunt, the results are usually quite lame. Maitland’s work, however, took a sliver of that idea and made it interesting.

“New York City Subway Stairs”

This piece is silly in a great way. I like how a concept was taken and a short, amusing video emerged.  It’s nothing heavy, but a simple and good way to show a little quirky fact. It’s quite brilliant actually.

Focus Forward

Every so often I check out the Focus Forward site to see what new films have been added. It’s a nice collection of short films – literally around three minutes each.  It’s a good lesson on quick storytelling from a range of filmmakers on a range of topics. Since I last visited the site, several videos have been added, including “Good Bread,” a fantastic look at Homeboy Industries directed by Eddie Schmidt, and “Remote Area Medical,” a glimpse of a hopeful America by Jeff Reichert and Farihah Zaman. Take some time to explore them all.

And if you’re a filmmaker with a story to share, enter the challenge.

Photos: (top left) photography by Christopher Relander; (top right) photography by Dennis Maitland; (bottom left) screen grab from “New York City Subway Stairs”; (bottom left) screen grab from “Good Bread.” 

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  1. July 8, 2012, 1:31 am

    His name is "Christoffer", not "Christopher" 🙂


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