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Panorama view of horse auction

Panorama view of horse auction

March 1976: Buyers size up pony at Los Angeles Horse and Mule Auction located in the City of Industry. Auction owner Dave Winn is standing in the ring next to the pony. This photo was taken with a special panorama 35 millimeter camera creating 24 by 58 millimeter frames instead of the normal 24 by 36 millimeter frame.

In a March 28, 1976, article, Times staff writer Charles Hillinger reported:

The railbirds look like they’re from Central Casting.

But they’re for real, there to bid on the livestock parade before them every Friday night at the Los Angeles Horse and Mule Auction in the City of Industry.

Dressed in cowboy hats and boots, Levi’s and leather jackets, they lean against the rails and stare intently as they size up each animal entering the ring.

And in the ring as he has been 52 weeks a year for the last 25 years is cigar chomping Dave Winn, who owns the horse and mule auction.

He holds a quirt in his right hand. As each horse or mule enters the ring, Winn eyeballs the animal quickly, then turns to the auctioneer and shouts the starting bid.

“It’s the bottom line. What I would be willing to pay for the horse or mule,” Winn explains. “If no one bids, I buy the animal. I buy very few.”

Winn’s horse sense is eminent. He hasn’t been forced to buy an animal for weeks…

Winn points to a photo of a horse.

“That’s Poco Red Socks. I auctioned her for $4,000. Best price I ever got for a horse,” Winn says. “We get some dandies come through here. It’s not too uncommon for a good horse to bring as high as $2,500 on the block.”

But most horses go for $150 to $400.

This photo by retired Times staff photographer Steve Fontanini accompanied Hillinger’s article on the bottom of the Times local news section front – running nice and wide across five of six columns.

The above image was left uncropped to show the entire 35 millimeter panorama negative as scanned by staff at UCLA Library where the Los Angeles Times Photographic Archive is stored.

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  1. March 12, 2013, 11:03 pm

    Steve Fontanini and Chuck Hillinger, the Lennon and McCartney of newspaper journalism.i


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