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The old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” speaks to what an image can convey, an idea, a feeling, something for the viewer to ponder and come up with their own interpretation. Communication, after all, is often more than words.  Multimedia storytelling oftentimes conveys something that goes beyond the narrative of words.  It conveys a feeling, an atmosphere, something that is felt rather than understood, a visceral multi-sensory experience.

26,000 feet in the air, elite climber Steve House is both propelled and stunted by fear.  Every second of his ascent he asks himself if this is the wrong moment and wrong place, 19 people who he has shared a rope with on the mountain have died while climbing.   The imagery of House dwarfed by majestic sheets of ice shooting into the sky shows the grandeur of his quest.  The strain of his breath and the sound of ice axes digging in recreate a sensory experience of man in the majesty of nature.

Symmetry is a stream of diptychs, 2 images juxtaposed against each other. It is a world of perfect pairs, duality.  Each part of the pair balancing out the other in way that is simple and sometimes surprising. The three filmmakers, Will Hoffman, Daniel Mercadante and Julius Metoyer III, known as Everynone, have been awarded both the grand prize and the lyrical category in the 2012 Vimeo Awards.  Out of 15,000 films submitted, the prize is quite a distinction, as Vimeo is quickly becoming a platform for innovative storytelling and video.

Zuma Wabi-Sabi
Since we are tickling the senses, still life photographer Thomas Brown’s stop-frame animation Zuma: Wabi-Sabi, is a journey through the beauty and design of food.  The presentation and texture of the artfully handcrafted dishes of German chef Rainer Becker is both fun and mouth-watering.  Zuma: Wabi-Sabi is the latest offering from Nowness, a blog of inspiring stories influencing contemporary arts and global lifestyle.

In order to produce Coca-Cola’s anthem for the London 2012 Olympic Games, DJ and producer Mark Ronson traveled around the globe capturing the sounds of Olympic athletes doing what they do best.  Drawing from his personal experiences with the athletes and using the recorded sounds Ronson does what he does best to produce “Anywhere in the World.”     Move to the Beat of London 2012 ,a documentary about the making of the song, reveals the process of creating a soundtrack to the 2012 Olympic games.

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