Pictures in the News | July 27, 2012

Friday’s Pictures in the News begins in England, where the Olympic flame burns bright as it makes its way down the River Thames towards Richmond Bridge during the final day of the Olympic torch relay in London. There is a lot of activity ahead of the Opening Ceremonies with First Lady Michelle Obama playing tennis during a “Let’s Move-London” event at the Winfield House and volleyball players go for the ball during an exhibition match at Earls Court.

Elsewhere, children line up to take a dive in a swimming pool in the southern German town of Denzlingen; Bodo women who fled ethnic riots take rest at the Alayaran relief camp in India; Balinese burn sarcophaguses in the shape of buffalos during a Balinese Hindu mass cremation ceremony in Bali; and protesters chant slogans demanding that the relatives of former Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh be fired from army and police posts during a demonstration in Sanaa.