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George Harrison talks to the press in Beverly Hills -- eventually

George Harrison talks to the press in Beverly Hills — eventually

Oct. 23, 1974: Former Beatle George Harrison faces photographers during a press conference at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel to promote his U.S. and Canadian band tour.

Los Angeles Times rock music critic Robert Hilburn reported:

Press conferences, traditionally, start late, but rock “press conferences” are notoriously late. The rock writers accustomed to it don’t mind, but the regular journalists, particularly the television crews, are on rather tight schedules and they start looking impatient after a few minutes. At 30 minutes past the 11 a.m. starting time, there was still no sign of Harrison.

While they waited, a couple of locally based entertainment writers for foreign papers got involved in the perennial “what if” guessing game. Even though the man from Associated Press said it was the largest turnout of freelance photographers he’d ever seen at a press conference, one of the foreign writers, noticing that there were only two television stations represented, wondered “what if” Paul McCartney had called the press conference. Someone else who seemed knowledgeable in such matters said there was a Mafia leader’s funeral being held at the same hour and that probably had more visual possibilities for television.

At. 11:42, Harrison, dressed casually in a brightly colored shirt over a sweatshirt with the emblem of his new record label (Dark Horse), arrived and went quickly to the podium where the next several minutes were devoted to photographs….

When asked about a Beatles reunion, Harrison replied, “Very slim … at the moment. Everyone is enjoying being an individual. I mean we were boxed up together for 10 years … and I’m enjoying playing with this [new] band.”

This photo by former staff photographer Tony Barnard was lead art on the front page of the Oct. 25, 1974, View section.

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  1. August 28, 2012, 5:51 pm

    George must have gotten stuck in traffic….this is LA remember?

    By: joeygrl

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