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On patrol with the Black Monday Society

By John M. Glionna

SALT LAKE CITY – By his own admission, Dave Montgomery was a functioning drunk who hated himself. Not that many years ago he might guzzle 30 Rolling Rocks to mask the memory of a hit-and-run life that included two divorces and a precious daughter who died in childbirth.

After he quit boozing, his very existence bored him. Then one night in 2006 the suburban tattoo artist typed the words for a computer search he now says have made all the difference: “real-life superheroes.”

Since then, he’s joined a world of masked crusaders, morphing from flawed human to a fantastic creation straight out of his imagination. At least one night a month, he dons a black leather outfit that suggests pure urban menace, inserts blue contact lenses that give his eyes an eerie glow, and steps into industrial-goth boots that rise nearly to his knees.

And then comes the piece de resistance: a blood-red wrap-around mask in the shape of a cross with no nose or mouth.

“It’s like reapplying a very old skin you forgot you had, finding out all over again what you really look like,” he says of his costume. “It just feels natural.”

He calls himself Nihilist, a thing without rules, and he’s the founder of the  Black Monday Society: a collection of two-dozen characters with such names as Asylum, Fool King, Red Voltage and Iron Head who walk Salt Lake City streets looking for trouble – not making it, but trying to prevent it.

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  1. October 4, 2012, 1:17 am

    i may be a nut-case or i may be the last sane person in this world. it's also possible that i m just a wannabee. but how can i 'be' someone unless i 'wan-to-be'? i have, at times, donned a black ski mask n gone around looking for trouble but didnt find nething to prevent. i tried to register with Real life Superheroes but turns out they pick u based on yr activities. m scared that if i dont get to be a 'hero' soon enough, then i may become a bad guy. pls advise.

  2. March 19, 2015, 2:20 pm

    look at it like this theirs so many bad " super heros" that this world needs at least one good super villian

    By: shockwave

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