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“Too Young to Wed”

On assignment for National Geographic, photojournalist Stephanie Sinclair delves into the phenomenon of modern-day child brides.  Although child marriage is outlawed in many countries throughout the world, millions of young girls are still forced into marriage, a practice that goes beyond specific cultures, languages or religions.  Spending eight years documenting child marriages in India, Yemen, Afghanistan, Nepal and Ethiopia, Sinclair reveals a practice that often results in abusive and even deadly consequences.  “Too Young to Wed: The Secret World of Child Brides” brings a haunting and shocking voice to the young girls.

“Cost of Dying”
Advancements in modern medicine have extended our life spans and we are living longer than ever.  This extension  is not without cost, as our generation is living longer, more people are lingering toward the end of their lives and fighting off mortality with modern medicine, and the cost of dying is becoming more and more costly.  The emotional and financial tolls on families supporting the elderly are growing.  Dai Sugano and Lisa M. Krieger’s series, “Cost of Dying,” looks at the new reality of coping with death.

Filmmaker Eliot Rausch, in partnership with producer Mark Schwartz and DreamTeam L.A., exposes the lives of three students living in the U.S. without legal status.  With half a day  of training and small video cameras, the three students filmed every day for three months to tell the story of their lives through their lens.  The result is “Limbo,” a film whose intimacy is both raw and real.
A Heavy Price”
In partnership with Human Rights Watch, Marcus Bleasdale’s film “A Heavy Price” goes to Nigeria’s Zamfara state to shed light on the dangerous gold mining practices in the region.  As inhabitants of Zamfara work to reap the benefits of the mineral-rich state, poor mining practices have led to the worst breakout of lead poisoning in modern history, leaving more than 400 children dead and an additional 3,500  in need of medical attention.  Lacking modern mining techniques, as miners crush and grind ore to extract gold, the resulting dust is highly contaminated with lead that is often breathed in, as well as permeating the region’s water and food sources.

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