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Best of the Web

The Tutu Project 

The inspiration behind this series is so incredibly touching that when I think about the love behind the making of this project, I get choked up. Bob Carey wears a pink tutu. Let me rephrase that: Bob Carey is a photographer who wears a pink tutu. He’s wearing it and photographing himself for his wife, Linda, and other countless women fighting breast cancer. The photography is touching, beautiful and artistic. The cause is equally touching, beautiful and creative. I really love this project more than I know how express for the sheer heart behind it.

Ghetto Film School

What a cool program. Ghetto Film School is a nonprofit that aims to develop and cultivate the next generation of young storytellers through filmmaking.  Screen the short films made by some possible future filmmakers. They are charming attempts. And if you think of any kids between 14 and 22, maybe they might want to apply.

The Secret Life of a Saudi Women’s Soccer Team 

Imagine playing soccer in secret locations. That is the reality for Saudi Arabia’s women, something so far-fetched to imagine on this side of the world. Women are simply not allowed to participate in sports. This video is a quick glimpse on this topic. Watching it, it really struck me as to just how many luxuries I take for granted daily.

Shepard Fairey gets two years’ probation in Obama ‘Hope’ poster case

Remember all that copyright hype about the Shepard Fairey/Obama Hope poster and the 2006 Associated Press [AP] photograph? Well, it all came out this week. I’m not going to get into my personal thoughts on this. Read the story and decide for yourself.

Caption: Top left: Oregon coast by Bob Carey as part of the Tutu Project; top right: screen grab from Mama’s Boy by Ralston Ramsey as part of the Ghetto Film School; bottom left: screen grab from “The Secret Life of a Saudi Women’s Soccer Team” from Time; bottom right: photography by Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times

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