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Found: Photographs of the Rolling Stones -- October 2-26

Found: Photographs of the Rolling Stones — October 2-26

This might be one of the most killer discoveries out of an estate sale – candid photographs of the Rolling Stones from their U.S. tour in 1965.

Who made these photos?  And why didn’t he or she write a name on the box?  The photographer to this day is unknown.  How odd does that seem to us nowadays, when credits and copyrights are essential?

For the first time, these unguarded moments of the young Rolling Stones are going to be available for public viewing.  The photos offer a truly close-up view by someone who appears to have had an intimate relationship with the group. They are an early glimpse of a band that has endured.

The opening reception is set for Tuesday, 7-10 p.m., at Dilettante Gallery.

Photo: Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts, Clearwater, Fla., 1965.

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