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Best of the Web

Best of the Web

Twelve Faces by Filip Cwik

Photographer Filip Cwik made a series of portraits using a large format camera in a makeshift studio at the Islahiya refugee camp in Turkey.

The photographs are accompanied by a testimony from each of the survivors and the photography itself is incredibly powerful.

Napo Images photographs all have a very specific look and feel that is conscientious,  creative and journalistic, with the right amount of edge.  Cwik and his colleagues make photography with great depth. Their work is not only aesthetically stunning as artistry, but they are also masters at making the ordinary into multi-dimensional storytelling.

This collection of portraits is no different.

Web of Stories

Web of Stories is a collection of stories to be preserved for future generations.  The premise is not new, but wonderful.   Originally, the stories were told by scientists, then famous people of our time and now your amazing story can be told as well.  These stories are not visual masterpieces, but rather like ones told on the radio.   Some of the stories are so short that they almost seem random while others are precise tales that are poignant and reflect a new insight.

Scary Beautiful (Leanie van der Vyver) by Lyall Coburn

Leanie van der Vyver’s Scary Beautiful shoe design is nominated for the design award at Gerrit Rietveld Academie.  The shoes are so scary, but I found the video to be beautiful, or perhaps intriguing is a better adjective. The short video gave more of a full picture than just stills.  Seeing how the shoes moved brought a new layer to the aesthetics of the design.  They are obviously impractical and making some sort of commentary on fashion.  I just like to stare at them.

6 Filmmaking Tips From…

One could get lost for a while in the 6 Filmmaking Tips From… on the Film School Rejects site.  The reading is light and the video interviews short and telling.  If you are somewhat interested in filmmaking, it’s a nice franchise to peruse.

Caption: Clockwise from top left: Portrait by Napo Images photographer Filip Cwik; screengrab from Web of Stories website; screengrab from Film School Rejects website; screengrab from Scary Beautiful (Leanie ven der Vyver by Lynall Coburn.

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