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Franklin Roosevelt at the Hollywood Bowl

Franklin Roosevelt at the Hollywood Bowl

Sept. 24, 1932: Gov. Franklin D. Roosevelt waves during a campaign speech to an overflow crowd at the Hollywood Bowl.

Roosevelt’s 8,900-mile campaign train tour included – as reported in the Sept. 24, 1932, Los Angeles Times – “stops at Santa Barbara at 8:25, Ventura at 9:20, Oxnard at 9:38 and Glendale at 11:10.”

After Glendale, FDR arrived at Central Station in Los Angeles followed by a parade to the Biltmore. After lunch with supporters, he was off for a 2:40 p.m. speech at the Hollywood Bowl. Following a rest, he headed to Olympic Stadium for the “Motion Picture Electrical Pageant.” FDR’s day in Los Angeles ended back on his train with overnight travel East.

In a Page 1 story, writer Kyle D. Palmer reported in the Sept. 25, 1932, Los Angeles Times:

During twelve crowded hours in Los Angeles yesterday, Gov. Franklin D. Roosevelt of New York, Democratic nominee for President, was greeted by large throngs of men and women eager to hear him discuss the important issues of the Presidential campaign. He departed shortly after midnight last night, leaving behind a general impression of a pleasing personality whose gallant fight against a severe physical handicap won him much sympathy, but whose omission to give attention to or even to mention those (political) issues caused deep disappointment even among his own supporters here.

From the time he first greeted an enthusiastic crowd at Glendale until he departed amid the plaudits of a cheering multitude at the Motion Picture Electrical Pageant at the Olympic Stadium, the Democratic nominee was the smiling and gracious object of cordial attention.

Loudly applauded wherever he appeared, and given the most hospitable of welcomes by political friend and foe alike, Mr. Roosevelt refrained in the two speeches arranged for him yesterday from making his position clean on any issues involved in the contest to wrest the Presidency from Herbert Hoover.

On Nov. 8, 1932, FDR was elected with more than 57% of the popular vote.

This photo was not published in 1932. A similar image from the Hollywood Bowl speech was used. This image was published with President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s obituary in the April 13, 1945, Los Angeles Times.

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